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Johann H. Betz b. June 20, 1837, Hesse, Germany; d. June 26, 1900, Baltimore Co., MD1) Market gardener in what became known as Rossville.2 m. Anna Barbara Volz (b. February 1, 1840, Germany1; d. February 12, 1907, Rossville, Baltimore Co., MD4) Anna Barbara Volz was the daughter of Henry Volz (b. 8 Mar 1833, Germany; d. 1938, Baltimore Co., MD) and Margaretha Krieg (b. Germany).


The September 5, 1873 passenger list for the S.S. Kšnig Wilhelm from Bremen lists a Betz family from Hesse-Darmstadt that is a possible match: along with Johann and Barbara are Catharina Betz, age 60 (b. approx. 1813), and four children: Johannes, age 9 (b. 1863), Catharina Betz, age 8 (b. approx. 1865), Heinrich Betz, age 6 (b. approx. 1867), and Barbara Catharina Betz, age 3 (b. approx. 1870). In 1880, the family was living on Canton Avenue. Johann was working as a laborer and their eldest daughter, Catharina, was working as a seamstress. JohannÕs mother was not with them; nor was Johannes. Johann and Anna Barbara Betz are buried in the cemetery of Zion United Church of Christ, Baltimore, MD. 12 The lines of their two sons, John and Henry, have been traced:


1.     John J. Betz (b. September 11, 1863, Hesse, Germany; d. November

8, 1932, Baltimore Co., MD 2) m. Elizabeth C. Berlett June 23,

1884, First United Evangelical Church, Baltimore, MD3 (b. February

2, 1866, MD; d. January 22, 1955, MD 1) John Took over his fatherÕs

small farm in Rossville, on Stemmers Run Road. Elizabeth was the

daughter of Michael Berlett, a wheelwright from Germany in the

12th district of Baltimore County. John and Elizabeth Betz are buried

in the cemetery of Zion United Church of Christ, Baltimore County, MD.

They had 11 children, Henry John Betz, William G. Betz, Mary L. Betz,

Anna Barbara Betz, Charles August Betz, Edward John Betz, Frederick Betz,

Joseph Henry Betz, Sr., Emma Elizabeth Betz, John J. Betz, Jr., and James A. Betz:


a. Henry John Betz (b. November 16, 1887, Rossville, Baltimore

Co., MD; d. January 18, 1971, Baltimore, MD5) m. Martha

Minna Poetzch (b. October 16, 1888, Saxony, Germany; d.

October 18, 1973, Baltimore, MD5) Henry J. Betz grew flowers

in the 15th district, on Old Philadelphia Road. Henry and

Martha are buried in the cemetery of Zion United Church of Christ,

Baltimore, MD. They had five children:


1. Carl Betz (b. approx. 1906, Baltimore Co., MD; d.?)


2. Ethel Minna Elizabeth Betz (b. July 3, 1912, Stemmers

Run, Baltimore Co., MD; d. January 21, 2001, Cecilton,

MD6) m. Charles Henry Scheeler Jr. on September 28,

1930, Zion UCC (b. August 15, 1907, Baltimore, MD; d.

July 20, 1990) Charles Scheeler was the son of Charles H.

Scheeler and Margaret Schuler. They are buried in the

cemetery of Zion UCC. They had two sons:


a. Living Scheeler (b. March 23, 1932, Baltimore, MD)

m. Living Thomas on June 12, 1955 (b. September 23,

1934, Baltimore, MD) They had two daughters and one



1. Living Scheeler (b. August 19, 1957)


2. Living Scheeler (b. March 23, 1960)


b. Living Scheeler (b. September 2, 1942, Baltimore,

MD) m. Living Hoeff January 19, 1960 in Baltimore.

They had one daughter and one son:


3.   Mildred Marie Betz (b. October 10, 1914, Baltimore

Co., MD; d.?) m. Henry Miller Peper on November 14,

1935. They had two sons and one daughter:


a. Living Peper (b. June 25, 1936, Baltimore, MD)


b. Living Peper (b. August 30, 1937, Baltimore, MD)


c. Living Peper (b. January 17, 1949, Baltimore, MD)


4.  Henry John Betz, Jr. (b. September 20, 1920, Baltimore

Co., MD; d.?) m. Mary Elizabeth McCollister on

February 17, 1943, at Zion UCC. She was the daughter

of Albert McCollister and Margaret Lang. Henry and

Elizabeth Betz had two daughters:


a. Living Betz (b. January 30, 1981)


b. Living Betz (b. January 16, 1953) m. Living Thomas


5.   Frieda Martha Betz (b. February 8, 1922, Baltimore,

MD; d. September 21, 2001) m. George McCarty

September 21, 1941. They had one son and one daughter:


a. Living McCarty (b. January 11, 1947)


b. Living McCarty (b. December 15, 1950)


b. William G. Betz (b. May 10, 1890, Baltimore Co., MD; d.

October 8, 19706) m. Rose S. Poetzch(b. August 1, 1897, MD;

d. October 7, 19736) William G. Betz owned a truck farm near

his father on Stemmers Run Road. William and Rose are

buried in the cemetery of Zion United Church of Christ, Baltimore, MD.

They had one daughter:


1. Edith M. Betz (b. approx. October 1926, Stemmers Run,

Baltimore Co., MD9; d.?)


c.  Mary L. Betz (b. September 1892, Baltimore Co., MD2; d.?)


d.  Anna Barbara Betz (b. January 11, 1894, Baltimore Co., MD2;

d. July 1, 1977, Baltimore, MD) m. Henry (Harry) Andrew

Schultz (b. December 31, 1891; d. August 28, 1969), the son of

a neighboring Rossville farmer. They are buried in the

cemetery of Zion United Church of Christ, Baltimore, MD.


e. Charles August Betz (b. January 13, 1897, Baltimore Co., MD;

d. July 14, 1985, Baltimore, MD6) m. Katharine B. Hack May

3, 1921 (b. October 9, 1899, Baltimore, MD; d. May 3, 1977,

Baltimore, MD6) They are buried in the cemetery of Zion

Church of Christ, Baltimore Co., MD. Charles A. Betz worked as a

carpenter. In 1930, he and his family were living on Stemmers Run Road,

Rossville.9 They had one son and one daughter:


1. Hilda M. Betz (b. approx. 1922, Baltimore Co., MD; d.

February 2006) m. Herschel Trook. Hilda Betz is buried at

Zion UCC.


2. C. Roland Betz (b. June 1, 1925, Baltimore Co.,

MD; d. April 14, 1972) He is buried with his parents at

Zion UCC.


f.  Edward John Betz (b. June 10, 1899, Baltimore Co., MD; d.

1989) m. Amelia Heerd approx. 1923 (b. 1899, MD; d.1983)

They are buried at Zion UCC, Baltimore Co., MD. Edward

Betz was a florist on Stemmers Run Road. 9 They had two



1. Ruth H. Betz (b. approx. 1925, Stemmers Run, Baltimore

Co., MD; d.?) m. Frank Johnson


2. Edward John Betz Jr. m. Thelma Skuhr


g. Frederick Betz (b. August 28, 1901, Baltimore Co., MD; d.

July 5, 1990, Baltimore, MD6) m. Charlotte Caroline Koppelman November

3, 1926 at Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church (b. March 15, 1906, Baltimore

Co., MD; d. June 3,1999, Baltimore Co., MD6) Frederick Betz was an architect

who built homes in the Parkville area. Both are buried in Parkwood Cemetery,

Parkville, MD. They had a daughter, Lillian, and a son, Frederick Jr.:


1. Lillian Anna Betz  (b. Baltimore Co., MD)

m. Donald Francis Lynch (b. November 14, 1927,

Fallston, Harford Co., MD; d. September 15, 1973,

Baltimore, MD6) on October 28, 1948 at St. Francis of

Assisi Catholic Church. Donald and Lillian had three sons

and a daughter:


a. Living Lynch (b. Baltimore Co., MD) m. 1)

Terry Bacon; 2) Living Williams; they have

three children:


1. Living Williams m. Living Neary; they have three children.


                              2. Living Williams


3. Living Williams


b. Donald Francis Lynch, Jr. m. Mary Sue Boyle;

they have five children:


1.  Donald Francis Lynch III m. Drisana Rampone;

they have two sons:


a. Donald F. Lynch IV


b. Dylan Michael Lynch


2.  Daniel Stephen Lynch


3. Derek Patrick Lynch


4.  Dustin Michael Lynch


5.  Kelly Irene Lynch


c. Dennis Joseph Lynch m. Celia Sievers:


1.  Shannon Charlotte Lynch


                            2. Andrew Joseph Lynch


d. Kevin Thomas Lynch m. Marina Pou; they have

three children:


1. Kevin Thomas Lynch Jr.


2. Nathaniel Augustine Lynch


3. Charlotte Anne Lynch


2.  Frederick Betz, Jr.; served in the United States Air

Force  1952-1956;  m. Marie Roth June 10, 1961,

Baltimore, MD. They had one daughter:


a. Kimberley Ann Betz m. Andrew Horodowicz:


                              1.  Kassidy Marie Horodowicz


h.   Joseph Henry Betz, Sr. (b. November 17, 1903, Baltimore Co., MD;

d. May 29,1977, Baltimore, MD) m. Marie Bloom approx. 1925 (b.

November 15. 1906, MD; d. November 12, 1992, Cockeysville, MD).

From 1926 to 1962, when he retired, J.H. Betz was the proprietor of

the Betz Garage on the Philadelphia Road, in Rosedale. 13 Son



1. Joseph Henry Betz. Jr. (b. March 7, 1932, Baltimore, MD?)


i.  Emma Elizabeth Betz (b. May 24, 1908, Stemmers Run, Baltimore

Co., MD; d. August 20, 1998, Lancaster, PA) m. Frederick Adam

Hutschenreuter November 27, 1929, at Zion United Church of Christ (b.

January 26, 1899, Baltimore, MD; d. August 23, 1997, Lancaster, PA)

EmmaÕs godmother was Emma E. Ellenberger, the wife of ZionÕs minister.

Emma was baptized on June 27, 1908, and confirmed on April 9, 1922, at

Zion UCC. Frederick Hutschenreuter was a vegetable and poultry farmer in

Glen Arm, MD; Emma ran the egg delivery route. They retired to Airville, PA in 1970,

where they became members of Pine Grove Presbyterian Church in

Felton, PA. He was a volunteer member of the Airville Fire

Department. They are buried in the cemetery of Pine Grove

Presbyterian Church. They had one son:


1. Living Hutschenreuter (b. September 15, 1930, MD) m. Living

Debnam August 21, 1965 at St. JohnÕs Western Run Church,

Glydon, MD (b. December 31, 1940) They had two daughters:


a. Living Hutschenreuter (b. July 19, 1967, Towson, MD) m.

Living Parsons November 15, 1987 at Pine Grove Presbyterian

Church, Airville, PA (b. June 30, 1967, Williamsport, PA):


1. Living Parsons (b. Mary 15, 1997, PA)


2. Living Parsons (b. January 11, 2000, PA)


3. Living Parsons (b. January 11, 2000, PA)


b. Jean Marie Hutschenreuter (b. March 23, 1969, Towson,

MD; d. March 24, 1969, Towson, MD) She is buried in the

cemetery of Pine Grove Presbyterian Church, Airville, PA.


j. John J. Betz, Jr. (b. December 17, 1910, Baltimore Co., MD; d.

September 22, 1979, Baltimore, MD6) m. Lavinia Elsie Riess (b.

March 10, 1914, Baltmore, MD; d. April 11, 1996, Baltimore, MD)

They are buried at Zion UCC, Baltimore Co., MD. Lavinia was the

daughter of Martha Puepke (b. September 1, 1891; d. July 9, 1947)

and George Riess (b. Germany, approx. 1887), who in the 1930

census for BaltimoreÕs 5th Ward described his occupation as retail

merchant for the restaurant industry. They had one child10:


1. Elaine Anna Betz (b. May 29, 1937, Baltimore, MD; d. March 31,

2000) m. living Burkhardt:


a. Living Burkhardt15


k.  James A. Betz (b. approx. 1914, Baltimore Co., MD; d.?)


2. Catharina Betz (b. approx. 1865, Hessen)


3. Heinrich Johann Betz (b. Jan 7, 1868, Hessen; d. November 3,

1899, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Julia Ann Pugh approx. 1888 (b. 31 Oct

1870, Stemmers Run, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 24 May 1945, Baltimore,

MD). Henry is buried in the cemetery of Zion U.C.C. Lutheran Church,

Rossville, MD; Julia is buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery, Baltimore.


Julia was the daughter of Thomas Jacob Pugh (b. abt. 1842, No. or So.

Carolina), who was already widowed by 1880. JuliaÕs father came up to

Maryland with two brothers, William Pugh (b. abt. 1846, So. Carolina)

and John Pugh (b. abt. 1857, So. Carolina). In 1880, all three worked as

laborers, probably on neighboring farms, in the 12th District. Julia had

two younger brothers, Thomas (b. abt. 1874, MD) and Budd (b. abt.

1876, MD). Two other small Pughs, Arthur (b. abt. 1876, MD) and

Frances (b. Nov 1880), lived nearby, but it is unclear who their parents

were. They may have been living under the care of well-to-do farmer

Wilson Townsend and his wife Mary.[i]


In 1900, Julia and her children were living in Rosedale, a village along

the Philadelphia Road. In 1910, Julia was reduced to working as a

servant. She lived with her brother Thomas and his wife Ella (b. abt.

1872, MD) on West F Street, in the 15th District, on Sparrows Point, near

the steel and iron mills.[ii] By 1920, Julia was living with her sonÕs family

in the city, on Robinson Street, along with daughter Ruth. Heinrich and

Julia had four children:


a. Renee Betz (b. May 1888, MD)


b. Gertrude Betz (b. August 1890, MD)


c. Ruth B. Betz (b. October 1892, MD) m. Howard Edgar Miller (b.

31 Dec 1896, Mt. Carmel, MD). In 1920, she was living in the city

with her mother and brotherÕs family, and was employed as an

inspector at Crown Cork & Seal. She stopped working when she

married WW I veteran Howard Miller about 1920. Howard Miller
had served overseas in the Meuse-Argonne, Avocourt, and Troyon,

with Company B of the 313th Infantry.[iii] According to the 1930 census

and his registration for the 1942 ŅOld ManÕs Draft,Ó he was

employed by Western Maryland Dairy in Baltimore. He was the

grandson of 5th District farmer John G. Miller (b. abt. 1835,

MD). HowardÕs parents, Benjamin G. and Cora M. Miller, lived on

the farm, along with HowardÕs siblings, Walter, Ruth, Joshua, and



d. Henry John Betz, Jr. (b. March 1, 1895, MD; d. September 1968,

Baltimore, MD) m. Lydia Florence (b. approx. 1896, MD) In 1910,

at the age of 16, Henry had already left home; employed as a door

tender in a steel plant, he was boarding with a family in the 15th

district, along with other steel mill workers, at 33 West E Street,

probably in Sparrows Point, for Bethlehem Steel. In 1920, Henry

worked as a crane operator in a steel mill. Along with his own two

young children, his mother, and his sister, Ruth, he was supporting

two young nieces, Doris Baker (b. approx. 1912, MD) and Naomi

Baker (b. approx. 1918, MD), at 117 Robinson Street, in First Ward.

In 1930, the family, without the Baker children, was still living in the

same house on South Robinson Street, probably in Highlandtown.

Henry and LydiaÕs children were:


1. Gertrude Betz (b. approx. 1917, MD)


2. Henry J. Betz, III (b. approx. 1919, MD)


3. Clara M. Betz (b. approx. 1921, MD)


4. Roberta Betz (b. approx. 1923, MD)


5. William Betz (b. approx. 1927, MD)


4. Catharina Barbara Betz (b. approx. 1870, Hessen)





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