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Ferdinand Franz (b. approx. 1821, Lahr, Bavaria; d. May 5, 1887, Baltimore, MD) m. Eva (b. approx. 1821, Lahr, Bavaria; d. bet. 1859 and 1870, Baltimore, MD) Ferdinand Franz, occupation baker, and wife Eva Franz, appear on the list of passengers who arrived in Baltimore from Bremen on August 23, 1853, on the bark Anna [1]. 1870 and 1880 censuses show Ferdinand Franz, baker, and his two children, living on Fairmount Avenue.


His obituary in the Baltimore American, May 7th, 1887, reads “FRANZ—on May 5th, 1887, FERDINAND, in the 66th year of his age. His funeral will take place today [May 7th] from the residence at No. 1921 Fairmount Avenue.”[2]


According to his death certificate, Ferdinand Franz was originally buried at St. Alphonsus Cemetery, Biddle Street at Edison Highway. This cemetery was closed and all remains removed when the property was sold to the city 1961. Unclaimed remains were moved to Holy Redeemer Cemetery on Belair Road, and marked only with the designation of the area from which the remains had come. The original records of burials at St. Alphonsus were lost.[3] It is possible, therefore, that Ferdinand’s grave, and probably his wife Eva’s, cannot now be located. His two children were Walburges and John Benedict Franz:


1. Walburges Franz (b. approx. 1854, MD) This was a daughter.


2. John Benedict Franz (b. 1859, MD; d. 1929, Baltimore, MD) m. approx. 1878 Mary Anna Wagner (b. March

1860, MD; d. 1939, Baltimore, MD). They are buried at Holy Redeemer Catholic Cemetery.[4] Census records

show his occupation as produce dealer. He also raised and showed carrier pigeons. They lived on Harden

Avenue, in the 14th district. John and Mary had nine children, Ferdinand, Clara, Elizabeth, John Benedict Jr.,

Charles, George, Lawrence, William, and Edward:


a. Ferdinand Francis Franz (b. October 7, 1881, Baltimore MD; d.?) m. Mary J. Beckman (b.1885, MD; d. 1969, Baltimore, MD) They are buried in Holy Redeemer Catholic cemetery. According to census records, Ferdinand worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. They lived at 4210 Bayonne Avenue. He is mentioned in newspaper reports as the director of the choir of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church on Belair Road. There were five children in the census records, Henry, Dolores, Catherine, Rita, and Robert:


1.     Henry W. Franz (b. July 1, 1914, Baltimore, MD; d. November 10, 1990, Taneytown, Carroll Co., MD) m. 1) Naomi B.; 2) Charlotte M. Coffroad (b. approx. 1924) Henry W. Franz was a mail carrier who also owned and operated Cedarleaf Dahlias. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and active in the Catholic War Veterans. The family included nine children and step-children[5]:


a. Stephen Franz


b. Mark Franz


c. Phillip Franz


d. Paul Franz


e. Eugene Franz


f. Barbara Franz Hope


g. James Coffroad


h. Brian Coffroad


i. Karen Coffroad Wahl


                                     2. Dolores C. Franz (b. approx. 1918, Baltimore, MD) m. Wolfe


                                     3. Catherine M. Franz (b. approx. 1920, Baltimore, MD) m. Frankenberger


4. Rita A. Franz (b. May 19, 1924, Baltimore, MD) m. George William Raab (b. 29 Dec 1924,

Baltimore, MD; d. 13 Sept 2004, Baltimore, MD) The son of Anna Mina Koppelman and

George Peter Raab, builder and stonemason George W. Raab is buried in Gardens of Faith

Cemetery, Baltimore, MD. Their children and grandchildren can be found on the page named

Descendents of Anna Mina Koppelman.”


                                      5. Robert J. Franz (b. August 14, 1927, Baltimore, MD; d. May 9, 2005, Baltimore, MD[6]) m.

Gloria E. (b. abt. 1931)


                           b. Clara (Margaret?) Franz (b. Nov 1883, Baltimore, MD) In 1900, at the age of 16, she was already

working as a seamstress. She may have married electrician William C. Stinner (b. abt. 1882, MD) and

had a son, Christopher Stinner (b. abt. 1909, MD). In 1920, John and Mary Franz, and son George,

were living with them on what was then Quick Avenue (later renamed Southern Avenue) near Belair



                           c. Elizabeth C. Franz (b. July 1885, Baltimore, MD; died in childhood)


d. John Benedict Franz, Jr. (b. January 8, 1888, Baltimore, MD) m. Mary A. (b. approx. 1889, MD) He was a motorman for the Baltimore Transit Co. In 1930, they had three children:


1. George B. Franz (b. 23 Sept 1913, Baltimore, MD; d. 18 Oct 1999, Baltimore, MD[7])


                        2. Laurence R. Franz (b. approx. 1916, Baltimore, MD)


                        3. Ruth D. Franz (b. approx. 1920, Baltimore, MD)


e. Charles J. Franz (b. January 1890, Baltimore, MD) m. Alice A. (b. 1887; d. 1951, MD) approx. 1911. In 1930, Charles and Alice lived on Eager Street, in the 7th Ward. Charles described his occupation as proprietor of a confectionery store. Charles and Alice are buried in Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Baltimore. They had seven children:


1. Raymond J. Franz (b. 1913, Baltimore, MD; d. 1972) He is buried at Holy Redeemer Catholic

Cemetery, Baltimore.


2. Charles A. Franz (b. approx. 1915, Baltimore, MD)


3. Gertrude K. Franz (b. approx. 1920, Baltimore, MD)


4. William Franz (b. approx. 1923, Baltimore, MD)


5. Regina C. Franz (b. approx. 1924, Baltimore, MD)


6. Clara T. Franz (b. approx. December 1925, Baltimore, MD)


7. Bernard Franz (b. approx. January 1928, Baltimore, MD)


f. George Raymond Franz (b. 23 Dec 1893, Baltimore, MD) m. Ethel Mary George worked for a printer called U.S. Printing and Lithographing Company.[8]


g. Lawrence John Franz (b. December 22, 1896, Baltimore, MD[9]; d. 1953, Baltimore, MD) m. Margaret A. Kelly In 1918, Lawrence worked for Bethlehem Steel on Sparrows Point. The 1920 census lists his occupation as steam fitter at a shipyard. At first they lived on Eager Street, in the 7th Ward. By 1930, they had moved to Brentwood Avenue, in the 10th Ward. Both streets may have been in the neighborhood just west of Green Mount Cemetery. Lawrence described his occupation as plumbing contractor. They had seven children by 1930, Mary, Lawrence, Albert, Margaret, Eileen, Francis, and Teresa:


1. Mary R. Franz (b. approx. 1919, Baltimore, MD)


2. Lawrence John Franz, Jr. (b. 21 Dec 1920, Baltimore, MD; d. 2 Mar 2002, Virginia Beach,

VA[10]) abt 1942 m. Betty Jane; Lawrence was cremated in Virginia. They had three children,

Katie, Margaret, and George:


a. Katie Franz m. Stan Goldfarb:


1. Sara Goldfarb


2. Mitch Goldfarb


3. Bob Goldfarb


b. Margaret Franz m. Grempler:


1. Brian Grempler


2. Courtney Grempler


3. Ashley Grempler


c. George Franz m. Sue


3. Albert J. Franz (b. approx. 1923, Baltimore, MD0


4. Margaret A. Franz (b. approx. 1924, Baltimore, MD)


5. Eileen J. Franz (b. approx. 1926, Baltimore, MD)


6. Francis X. Franz (b. approx. 1928, Baltimore, MD)


7. Teresa B. Franz (b. approx. 1929, Baltimore, MD) m. Anderson


h. William Charles Franz (b. February 24, 1899, Baltimore, MD[11]; d. ?) m. Mildred. G. (b. July 30,

1907, MD; d. November 29, 1996, Sykesville, Carroll Co., MD[12]) In 1930, they lived on Chilton Avenue

in the 9th Ward. William described his occupation as assistant secretary at an iron foundry.

One son is listed in the 1930 census:


1. William Charles Franz, Jr. (b. January 8, 1924, Baltimore, MD; d. May 24, 2000, Lutherville,

Baltimore Co., MD[13]) m. Louise Wise 1948; divorced 1968; William C. Franz, Jr. graduated from

City College in 1941. He was drafted in the Army during World War II while studying engineering at

Johns Hopkins University. He served in the Pacific, then returned home to finish his studies. He

received a degree in engineering in 1948. In 1961, he and a partner started the McCleary-Franz

Company, Inc., which supplies industrial equipment such as conveyor belts and fork lifts. With

Louise Wise, he had two sons[14]:


a. Douglas (K.?) Franz (b. 1952, MD?) m. Vicki?


b. Gordon (T?) Franz (b. March 1, 1956, MD?) m. Jan G.? (b. 1957) Gordon Franz works for

his father’s company, McCleary- Franz, Inc. in Baltimore.


i. Edward Henry Franz (b. July 6, 1901, Baltimore, MD; d. February 1962, Baltimore, MD[15]) m. Elizabeth Mary Mueller (b. 1905; d. 26 Sept1993, Baltimore, MD[16]) approx. 1925. They are buried at Holy Redeemer Catholic Cemetery, Baltimore. In 1930, Edward gave his occupation as carpenter for a bank. He later found work as a plumber at the Bethlehem Steel plant at Sparrows Point. Elizabeth was educated at St. Anthony of Padua School in Gardenville, and St. Michael’s High School. She worked for many years for the Baltimore public school system, and was an active member of St. Anthony of Padua Cathoic Church, Gardenville. Her church involvement included teaching Sunday School and the Ladies of Charity; she also volunteered at the Stella Maris Hospice, a long-term care facility run by the Catholic Sisters of Mercy. Elizabeth and Edward had three children[17]:


1. Louis A. Franz (b. August 4, 1925, Baltimore, MD) m. Dorothy (b. 1931)


2. Maryann C. Franz (b. approx. 1928, Baltimore, MD) m. Wittelsburger


3. Christine M. Franz m. Scheeler



































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