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Hermann Heinrich Hedemann (b. 24 Apr 1809, Groethe, Hannover, Germany; d. 16 Sept 1843, Baltimore, MD) on 29 Mar 1836 at Old Zion Lutheran Church, Baltimore m. Anna Margaretha Wiedermann (b. Aug 1815, Heilegenloh, Ehrenburg, Hannover, Germany; d. bet. 1900 and 1910, Baltimore, MD) The witnesses to the marriage were Gerhard Heinrich Hedemann and Sophia M. Radecke. Hermann, who was known as Henry, may have immigrated to Baltimore in 1832.[1]


Hermann, who used his anglicized middle name, may have been the son of Johann Hermann Hedemann (b. abt. 774, Badbergen, Hannover, Germany; d. 12 June 1798, Badbergen, Hannover, Germany) and Anna Margaretha Schnetlage (b. 8 June 1775, Groethe, Hannover, Germany).


In addition to Henry, two other sons immigrated to America, and all died in the year 1843: Gerhard H. Hedemann (b. 26 May 1811, Groethe Hannover, Germany; d. 22 July 1843, Yazoo City, MO); and Wilhelm Hedemann (b. abt. 1820, Badbergen, Hannover, Germany; d. 18 Sept 1843)[2].


In 1837 and 1841, according to a Baltimore business directory, Henry kept a tavern at 73 Pratt Street.[3] At the time of his death, he was postmaster at Stemmers Run, off Philadelphia Road, in Baltimore CountyŐs 12th district. [4]


Anna Wiedermann is believed, according to family accounts, to have arrived in Baltimore with her sister, Sophia, on 17 June 1835. Sophia married Gardenville farmer Diedrich Hermann Radecke in August 1835 at Old Zion Lutheran Church in Baltimore. Anna and Sophia were said in family letters to have been two strikingly beautiful young women.


Henry HedemanŐs death left Ann with two young children, Henry and Sophia. Ann remarried Rossville farmer and grocer Philip Johnson (b. abt. 1820, on 9 Nov 1844. With Philip Johnson, she had four more children, Philip, Frank, John, and Mary Elizabeth. The Hedeman children were raised in the Johnson household.


Henry Hedeman was originally buried in what was called the German burying ground at Monument and Broadway, Ňnear the hospital,Ó which must have been the old Maryland Hospital for the Insane, later purchased by Johns Hopkins in 1872-1873 for a new hospital. The graves were moved, but their location is unknown. After her second husbandŐs death bet. 1900 and 1910, Ann Hedeman Johnson lived with her daughter Sophia Bevans on Bank Street. Ann;s place of interment is not known, but Zion United Church of Christ in StemmerŐs Run is a possibility.


1. Henry Hedeman (b. 12 July 1839, Baltimore, MD; d. 11 Aug 1933, Baltimore, MD) abt. 1865 m. orphan Mary Bloss (b. 19 Apr 1846, MD; d. 14 Mar 1929, Baltimore, MD). In 1860, Mary lived with carpenter James Rhoads and his wife Helen in Elk Ridge Landing, Howard County. Henry worked for the B & O railroad as a construction crew boss until at least 1870. From 1880 on, he was employed by a lumberyard. Henry and Mary are buried in Loudon Park Cemetery. They had 11 children, 10 of whom survived to adulthood: Ella, James Lawrence, Esther, Alexander Vincent, Harry Emerson, Walter Rider, Sophia, William Dorman Gill, Blanche, John Rusk Turner, and Rose:


a. James Lawrence Hedeman (b. Nov 1869, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 1940) m. abt. 1889 Rose Shultheis, daughter of Sophie Shultheis (b. abt. 1857, MD),

who lived with them in 1910. Lawrence worked as a bookkeeper in a lumberyard. They lived on Milton Avenue. Their three children were Harry, J.

Raymond, and Dorothy:


1. Harry Lester Hedeman (b. 19 Mar 1897, Baltimore, MD[5]; d. 14 Jan 1962, Baltimore, MD) on 17 Sept 1929 m. Mildred Edwards Curtis (b.

20 Jan 1901, Baltimore, MD; d., Baltimore, MD; d. 18 Sept 1994, Owings Mills, Baltimore Co., MD[6]) When Harry registered for the draft in 1917,

he worked for the Abell Company on W. Baltimore Street. He served overseas for a year in Company C of the 72nd Infantry, possibly as a



2. J. Raymond Hedeman (b. abt. 1902, Baltimore, MD) In 1930, he lived at home on Milton Avenue, and was employed as a bookkeeper at a



3. Dorothy M. Hedeman (b. abt. 1907, Baltimore, MD) In 1930, she lived at home, and worked as a bank teller.


b. Esther Hedeman (b. abt. 1870, Baltimore Co., MD) Esther died in childhood, possibly before 1880. Her place of burial is not known.


c. Ella J. Hedeman (b. June 1872, Baltimore Co., MD[7]; d. 10 Jan 1928, Baltimore, MD) m. abt. 1893 George Carville McCormick (b. Oct 1864, MD), a

Sparrows Point physician; he may have been the brother of Howard McCormick, who married Sophia Hedeman. They lived on C Street, and had one child,



1. Clarence Edgar McCormick (b.19 Dec 1893, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Margaret (b. abt. 1896, PA) Clarence began his career at Bethlehem

Steel, working his way up to the position of assistant estimator in a shipyard. At first they lived in Sparrows Point, but by 1920 had moved out to

Admiral Boulevard in Dundalk.


d. Alexander Vincent Hedeman (b. 8 Jan 1874, Baltimore, MD[8]; d. 1955, MD) abt. 1902 m. Margaret Boshammer (b. March 1882, MD); Vincent began his working life as a stevedore. He eventually went to work as a salesman for D. Markley Supply Company, a Lauraville seed and agricultural supplies store. MargaretŐs sister, Kate Boshammer (b. Jan 1879, MD), married Gardenville farmer Herman G. Nortrup (Apr 1873, MD). Their parents may have been teamster John Boshammer (b. abt. 1854, MD) and Mary Boshammer (b. abt. 1857, MD). Alexander and Margaret lived on Harford Road, and had one son:


1. Henry V. Hedeman (b. abt. 1904, Baltimore Co., MD)


e. Harry Emerson Hedeman ( b. 28 Mar 1876, Baltimore, MD; d. Dec 1962, Baltimore, MD[9]) about 1902 m. Susie May Ziegler; Harry began his career as a

grocerŐs clerk. Later he managed the Markley Supply Company in Lauraville. They lived on Patterson Park Avenue.


f. Walter Rider Hedeman m. Emma Elizabeth Koppelman


g. Sophia G. Hedeman (b. 23 Apr 1880, Baltimore, MD; d. Oct 1978, Baltimore, MD[10]) abt. 1906 m. Howard R. McCormick (b. June 1868, MD), a florist and

farmer, son of farmer/florist Alexander McCormick (b. July 1841, MD[11]). The McCormicks had been farming in the area from at least 1860. In 1920, they

lived on McCormick Avenue, off Belair Road, between Hazelwood and Kenwood avenues.They had three children, Howard, Eleanor, and Marion:


1. Howard A. McCormick (b. abt. 1908, Baltimore Co., MD)


2. Eleanor G. McCormick (b. abt. 1910, Baltimore Co., MD)


3. Marion C. McCormick (b. abt. 1916, Baltimore Co., MD)


h. William Dorman Gill Hedeman (b. 12 Jan 1882; d. 1950) abt. 1903 m. Nettie ; Gill Hedeman worked as a life insurance agentand then for the B & O

Railroad, at Camden Station. They lived in Relay, on Gun Road. They had two sons, Harold and William:


1. Harold E. Hedeman (b. abt. 1914, Baltimore Co., MD)


2. William H. Hedeman (b. abt. 1921, Baltimore Co., MD)


i. Blanche I. Hedeman (b. 6 July 1884, Baltimore, MD; d. March 1974, Baltimore, MD) Blanche lived with her parents throughout her life. She apparently did

not work outside the home. She is buried with her parents in Loudon Park Cemetery.


j. John Rusk Turner Hedeman (b. 10 Nov 1888, Baltimore, MD; d. March 1974) abt. 1910 m. Muriel ; John became a minister. He served St. Marks

Reformed Lutheran Church, Collington and Hoffman streets, in Baltimore.


k. Rosamund H. Hedeman (b. Jan 1894, Baltimore, MD; d. 1970)

abt. 1914 m. Harold O. Berryman


2. Sophia Dorothy Hedemann (b. 28 Sept 1841, Baltimore, MD; d. 5 Nov 1929, Baltimore, MD) on 22 Oct 1868, m. Joshua A. Bevans (b. 1 Mar 1842, BengieŐs Point, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 3 May 1897, Baltimore Co., MD) Joshua was the son of well-to-do Middle River farmer James Lawrence Bevans and Pamela H. Andrews. Sophia and Joshua are buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Baltimore, MD. They had six children, one of whom was born during the familyŐs sojourn as farmers in Franklin County, Ohio: Edward, Helen, Frank, Harry, Drucilia, and Lillian:


a. Edward Pagle Bevans (b. 14 Aug 1870, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 10

Oct 1894, Baltimore, MD) He is buried with his parents in Mt.

Carmel Cemetery, Baltimore.


b. Helen E. Bevans (b. 14 Sept 1872, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 20 Sept

1872, Baltimore, MD)


c. Frank A. Bevans (b. 20 Aug 1873, Baltimore Co, MD; d. Sept

1948) He was a machinist.


d. Harry Hedeman Bevans (b. 3 Sept 1875, Baltimore Co., MD; 24

Dec 1920, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama) on 10 Nov 1910

m. Mary C. Whetstone in Alabama. They are buried in Elmwood

Cemetery, Birmingham, Alabama.


e. Drucilia Bevans (b. 13 Sept 1877, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 7 Oct

1877, Baltimore Co., MD)


f. Lillian Adalade Bevans (b. 16 Oct 1880, Columbus, Franklin Co.,

OH; d. 27 Aug 1902, Baltimore, MD) on 20 Mar 1944 m. Jesse

Warren Bramble. They are buried in Parkwood Cemetery,

Parkville, MD.
























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