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The Vogts and the Schwarzes are doubly related: first, through the marriage of Albrecht Vogt to Wilhelmine Friederike Gnamm/Schwarz, and secondly, through the marriage of Gloria Jean Schwarz to Earl Malwitz, son of Rose Vogt Malwitz. Other surnames in this family include Schneider,  Markley, Ackerman, Roberts, Meidling, and possibly Hofmeister and Milchling.


John Vogt b. abt. 1812, Germany; d. ? m. Mary/Anna Maria (b. abt. 1811, Germany; d. ?). According to the 1900 census, the Vogts came to Baltimore County in 1842 with two children,  Mary Vogt (b. abt. 1834, Germany) and Albrecht Vogt (b. January 1838, Bavaria). Albrecht VogtÕs obituary, however,  says they came when he was 18, which would place their immigration in 1856. Since they were farming in the 2nd district in 1850, this cannot be correct,  so the earlier date is more likely. 1850 neighbors included George Lamley  (one of the founders of the village of Georgetown at Belair Road and Erdman Avenue and a founding member of Jerusalem Lutheran Church), Albert Parlett, Daniel and Paul Geigner (also members of Jerusalem), and Albrecht Ziegler.

By 1860, when the 2nd district became the 12th, the Vogt farmland was worth $3,000.  The neighborsÕ names had changed: Strodman, Koenig, Mulfinger, and Regert.  In 1870, their farm was located in the 11th district, and was worth $5,000. The Vogts were founding and prominent members of Jerusalem Evangelical  Lutheran Church. As far as is known, John and Mary, or Anna Maria, Vogt had three children, Mary, Albrecht, and John:


1. Mary Vogt (b. abt. 1834, Germany; d. ?) m. George Schneider on May 20, 1867. The marriage is recorded in the Vogt family Bible, but they have not been successfully traced in census records. A Johann Schneider and Frau are recorded as in attendance at Jerusalem Lutheran Church on Whitsunday, 31 May 1868. There was a large clan of Snyders farming in the 11th district in 1880, and, she may have been the Mary Snyder, age 48, married to farmer John Snyder, but this is yet to be confirmed. To date, one child has been identified in the records of Jerusalem Lutheran Church; further examination of church records may yield more information:


1. Johann Michael Schneider (b. 26 September 1870; christened 23 October 1870, Baltimore Co., MD)


2. Albrecht Vogt (b. abt. 1838, Bavaria; d. 8 April 1916, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Wilhelmine Friederike Gnamm/Schwarz in October 1865(b. 24 July, 1849, Wuerttemberg, Germany; d. 24 October 1933, Baltimore, MD) They are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD. There is some confusion about WilhelmineÕs maiden name. On the Schwarz familyÕs 1855 emigration passenger list, as well as on her death certificate, she is listed as Wilhelmine Friederike Schwarz, but on her 1863 Jerusalem Church confirmation certificate,  her last name is listed as Gnamm. Grandson Earl Malwitz believes WilhelmineÕs mother,  a Schwarz,  had been married, and was perhaps widowed before she left with her mother and siblings for Baltimore. The name Gnamm has not been found in the census records, nor do we know where and under what name Wilhelmine was living in 1860. Albrecht and Wilhelmine Vogt had 12 children,  eight of whom survived past 1900:


1. John Albrecht Vogt (b. 30 July 1866, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 1 October 1951) m. Anna Ackerman on 3 June 1899, at St. MatthewÕs Lutheran Church parsonage (b. abt. 1882, MD) In 1920, John A. Vogt was operating a truck farm on BowleyÕs Lane.


2. George William Vogt (b. 1 February 1868, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 7 August 1948) m. Rosa Margaretha Markley on 3 September 1895 (b. abt. 1869, MD) In 1930, George owned and operated a grocery store. They lived on Preston Street, and had one son and one adopted son:


a. Guilford William Vogt (b. 5 March 1898, MD) In 1920, he worked as a draftsman for an engineering firm. He served briefly in the armed forces, stationed as an SATC at Johns Hopkins University, during World War I [Maryland in the World War 1917-1919].


                                    b. Royston Wilson (b. abt. 1903, MD)


3. John Edward Vogt (b. 11 October 1869, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 10 November 1940) Edward Vogt remained single. In 1930, he lived with his brother Leonard and their mother on Vogt Avenue,  off Moravia Avenue, east of Belair Road; both Edward and Leonard were no longer farming, but rather were employed as machinists.


4. Barbara Vogt (b. 14 September 1871; d. 14 August, 1872, Baltimore Co., MD)


5. Charles Vogt (b. 24 November 1873; d. 1 December 1873, Baltimore Co., MD) Charles remained single; in 1920, he farmed with his brother Leonard and their mother on Fairview Avenue.  Another brother, Harman, lived next door.


6. Anna Maria Carolina (Carrie) Vogt (b. 11 January 1875; d. 17 March, 1975, Kingsville, Baltimore Co., MD [SSDI]) m. John H. Roberts 6 May 1897 (b. November 1861, MD; d. 20 January 1933) They lived for many years on Philadelphia Road, but in 1930, had moved to St. Thomas Avenue. John Roberts was a physician. They had two sons:


a. Lloyd Henry Earnest Roberts (b. 5 September 1899, Baltimore Co., MD; d. April 1982, Kingsville, Baltimore Co., MD [SSDI]) m. Rosalie? In 1917, he worked as a stenographer for the B. and O. Railroad. If Rosalie was his wife, in 1930 they lived on Kavon Road in the 26th Ward, just off Belair Road, near Herring Run, and had a daughter:


                  1. Elaine Roberts (b. abt. 1924, Baltimore, MD)


b. Leroy Roberts (b. abt. 1903, Baltimore Co., MD) In 1930, he worked as a cooper in a barrel factory, and lived with his parents on St. Thomas Avenue.


7. Katharina Wilhelmine (Kate) Vogt (b. 13 June 1877; d. 16 April 1954) Kate Vogt remained single. In 1930, she was living with her sister Rose Vogt Malwitz and their family on St. Thomas Avenue.


8. Elizabeth (Bettie) Vogt (b. 15 October 1879; d. 27 September 1895)


9. Hermann Frederick (Harmon) Vogt (b. 11 November 1881, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 7 April 1982, Baltimore, MD) m. Dorothy Meidling on 8 September 1910 at Jerusalem Lutheran Church (b. abt. 1889, MD) Harmon worked as a meat packer but by 1930 had returned to truck farming on St. Thomas Avenue, Gardenville. In 1942, when he registered for the ÒOld ManÕs Draft,Ó he said he was employed for a packing companyÑprobably meat-packingÑon S. Ann Street in the city. He and Dorothy had in 1930 one son:


                  a. Albert Vogt (b. abt. 1921, Baltimore, MD)


10. Rosa Maragaretha (Rose) Vogt (b. 27 March 1885, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 4 May 1947) m. Edward A.  Malwitz abt. 1917 (b. abt. 1885, Germany; d. April 1952, Baltimore, MD) They are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD. Edward Malwitz was a lithographer who had emigrated as a child to New York with his mother. In 1930, they lived on St. Thomas Avenue with RoseÕs sister Kate; Carrie Vogt Roberts and Herman Vogt were near neighbors. They had two sons:


a. Leonard A. Malwitz (b. abt. 1918, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Doris B. (b. 11 June 1915, MD; d. February 1986, Fallston, Baltimore Co., MD) She is buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD.


b. Earl F. Malwitz (b. abt. 1924, Baltimore, MD) m. Gloria Jean Schwarz (b. 2 November 1924, Baltimore, MD; d. 7 January 1998, Fallston, Baltimore Co., MD[SSDI]) Earl was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1944. Gloria is buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD. Their children:


                  1. John E. Malwitz


                  2. Leslie Malwitz



11. William Frederick Vogt (b. 8 November 1887, Baltimore Co., MD;  d. 19 July 1887, Baltimore Co., MD)


12. Leonard Albrecht Vogt (b. 6 March 1890, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 5 March 1986, Kingsville, Baltimore Co., MD) [SSDI] m. Anna Marie Darney abt. 1922 (b. 1898; d. 1986, MD); Leonard worked on his motherÕs farm, but in 1930, he was employed as a machinist. They are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD.


3. John Vogt (b. abt. 1852, Baltimore Co., MD; d. ?) m. Margaretha [Hofmeister?] 12 September 1876 (b. March 1850, MD). At this time little is known about this branch of the Vogt family; Albrecht VogtÕs descendents and John VogtÕs descendents have lost touch. There was a John Vogt born in September 1852 farming in the 11th district from 1880 on, but his wifeÕs name appears as Emma in the 1880 census, Maggie in 1900 and Margretta in1910. Her mother, Maggie, was living with them in 1900, and to add more uncertainty, her last name was Milchin or Milchling (b. March 1820, Germany), probably the widow of 1880 Vogt neighboring farmer Phillip Milchling (b. abt. 1830, Germany)