Caroline C. Walker

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Frederick Walker (b. approx. 1802, Baden, Germany; d. ?) m. Mary (b. 1822, Germany; d. ?) At the time, Baden was an area in southwest Germany. This area was combined with its eastern neighboring area of Wurttemburg after WW II to create the modern state of Baden-Wurttemburg. The 1900 census lists his date of immigration to the U.S. as 1845. Since The earliest record of Frederick Walker in the United States is the census of 1860. He is listed as a gardener, or market farmer, in District 12 of Baltimore County, with land worth $2,000 and goods worth $500. The 1872 Klemm═s Map of Baltimore shows an F. Walker farm on what would become Franklin Avenue, south of Belair Road, close to the Koppelman farms. Their place of burial is unknown. Mary and Frederick═s six children were Jennie, John Frederick, Harmon, William, and Mary. The eldest, August, must have been the child of a first marriage:


     1) August Walker (b. abt. 1830, Baden, Germany; d. ?)


     2) Jennie Walker (Wilhelmine?) (b. abt. 1842, Baden, Germany; d. ?) m. Johann



     3)  John Frederick Walker (b. July 1843, Baden, Germany; d. ?) m. Anna Maria

          Teiler/Tailer (b. abt. 1848, MD; d. ?) In 1880, his occupation is listed as driver, and

          they were living on Hoover Street, in the 17th Ward of the city. By 1900, they were

          living on the farm with their daughter Caroline C. Walker and her husband

          Henry Louis (Ludwig) Koppelman, and John Frederick═s occupation was listed

          as farmer. John Frederick and Mary Walker had nine children, Caroline, Ellen,

          Frederick, Charles, Mary, William, Aquilla, Sophia, and Minnie:


          a. Caroline Charlotte Walker (b. July 1867, Baltimore, MD; d. January 1, 1920,

              Baltimore, MD) m. Henry Louis (Ludwig) Koppelman (b. June 22, 1864,

              Baltimore Co., MD; d. February 27, 1934, Baltimore, MD) They are buried in

              Baltimore Cemetery. Caroline and Henry Koppelman belonged to the Jerusalem

              Evangelical Lutheran Church on Belair Road; their children were christened

              there. (Click on Henry Louis Koppelman above for their descendants.)


          b. Ellen Walker (b. abt.. 1868, Baltimore, MD; d. ?)


          c. Frederick Walker (b. 1873, Baltimore, MD; d. ?)


          d. Charles Dietrich Walker (b. December 1874, Baltimore, MD; d. ?)


          e. Anna Maria Walker (b. 8 Mar 1877, Baltimore, MD)


          f. William Franklin Walker (b. 6 February 1882, Baltimore Co., MD; d. ?) m.

             Margaret (b. abt. 1890, Baltimore Co., MD; d. ?) The 1920 census lists his

             occupation as shipping clerk. They lived on Franklin (Frankford) Avenue, near

             Radecke. Their daughter was:


               1. Margaret Walker (b. 1912, Baltimore, MD; d. ?)


          g. Herman Heinrich Walker (b. 5 Aug 1885, Baltimore County, MD; d. 5 Sept

              1885, Baltimore Co., MD) Buried Baltimore Cemetery.


          h. Aquilla Franklin Walker (b.23 July 1886, Baltimore Co., MD; d.Dec 1972,

              Baltimore, MD) m. Viola Wolf (b. abt. 1889, Pennsylvania) Aquilla Walker

              followed the carpentry trade. In 1930 he worked as foreman at a furniture store.

              Later in life he worked for the McCormick Company. They lived on N. Glover

              Street in Baltimore, and had one daughter:


               1. Eines or Inez Walker (b. abt. 1923, Baltimore, MD)


          h. Sophia Walker (b. 12 March 1889, Baltimore Co., MD)


          i. Wilhelmine Katharine ˝Minnieţ Walker (b. 27 May 1891, Baltimore Co.,

             MD) m. Luther Franklin Rohrbaugh (b. 7 May 1887, Pennsylvania; d. 1964,

             Baltimore, MD) Luther Rohrbaugh worked as a machinist. Minnie Walker was h

             is second wife; his first was Margaret Wagner (b. abt. 1886, MD). Luther was

             the son of  long-time Pennsylvania Railroad engineer, Charles L. Rohrbaugh (b.

             June 1850, Pennsylvania; d. 6 June 1919, Baltimore, MD) and Sarah Fried (b.18

             Dec 1850, York Co, PA; d. 16 Mar 1934, Baltimore, MD), daughter of York hotel-

             keeper Jacob Fried and Sarah Zentzer. Luther and Minnie are buried in

             Baltimore Cemetery, as are Charles and Sarah Rohrbaugh. It seems likely that

             the first two children in the family were born to Margaret Wagner Rohrbaugh.

             The four children were:


               a. Annette Rohrbaugh (b. approx. 1911, Baltimore, MD; d.?)


               b. Charles Rohrbaugh (b. November 20, 1912, Baltimore, MD; d.March 1979,

               Glen Burnie, MD)


               c. Catherine Rohrbaugh (b. approx. 1921, Baltimore, MD; d.?)


               d. Margaret Rohrbaugh (b. approx. 1924, Baltimore, MD; d. ?)


     4. Harmon Walker (b. abt. 1845, Baden, Germany; d. ?)


     5. Willliam Walker (b. abt. 1852, Baltimore, MD; d. ?)


     6. Mary Walker (b. abt. 1854, Baltimore, MD; d. ?)


















Records of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD

Records of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD

Records of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD; 1900 U.S Census

Records of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD; 1900 U.S. Census