Henry L. Koppelman

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Henry Ludwig/Louis Koppelman (b. June 22, 1864; d. February 27, 1934, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Caroline Charlotte Walker 1889 (b. July 1867, Baltimore, MD; d. January 10, 1920, Baltimore, MD) They are buried in Baltimore Cemetery.


Henry L. Koppelman farmed nearby to his brother John Harman Koppelman (1862-1929), on what was then called Franklin Ave. (later Frankford Ave.). They belonged to Jerusalem Lutheran Church on Belair Road. He retired from farming in 1924, subdivided his land and sold most of it off as home lots, and died of a heart attack at 5440 Belair Road, the home of his daughter, Mamie Koppelman Reinecke. Henry and Carrie had two sons and two daughters, Henry L. Jr., Charles, Anna Maria, and Charlotte:


    1. Henry Ludwig Koppelman, Jr. (b. June 5, 1895, Baltimore Co., MD; d.

         January 6, 1938)  Henry L. Koppelman, Jr. was described on his WW I draft 

         registration as “born crippled.” He is buried in Baltimore Cemetery.


     2. Charles Dietrich (Dick) Koppelman (b. July 17, 1897, Baltimore Co.;

         d. April  8, 1983) m. Goldie T. Raab (b. Sept 2, 1897; d. Jan. 1976, Baltimore,

         Maryland) In the 1930 census, Dick Koppelman described his occupation as

         “machinist;” William H. Koppelman, Jr. recalls that he worked for the Singer

         Company all his life. In the 1930s, they lived on Frankford Avenue (what had

         been previously Franklin Avenue). They are buried in Parkwood Cemetery,

         Parkville, MD. Dick and  Goldie’s son was:


          a. Charles John (Buck) Koppelman (b. May 22, 1927, Baltimore,

              Maryland; d. November 23, 2001, Jarrettsville, Harford Co., MD) m.

              Winifred Catherine Busch (b. December 11, 1928; d. January 16, 2001,

              Jarrettsville, Harford Co., MD) Buck Koppelman served in the Army during

              WW II, and as a civilian worked as a building superintendent. Wini may

              have been the daughter of Joseph J. Busch (b. approx. 1897, MD) and

              Mary A. Busch (b. approx. 1897, MD). They are buried in St. Mary of the

              Assumption Catholic Church cemetery in Pylesville, Harford Co., MD. Buck

              and Wini had a son and a daughter:


               1. Charles Kevin Koppelman (b. Aug 1963, MD) m. ?  C.K. Koppelman

                   still has his grandfather’s workbench from the Singer factory. Their son



                    a. Charles Cody Koppelman (b. 1999, Jarrettsville, MD)


               2. Mary Teresa Koppelman (b.?) m. 1)  Ayres; 2) Baughman:


                    a. Jonathan Matthew Ayres

                    b. Christopher Michael Baughman


     3. Anna Maria (Mamie) Koppelman (b. January 13, 1889 or 1890, Baltimore

         Co., Maryland; July 12, 1973, Baltimore, MD) m. 1) William Ernest Reinecke

         (b. February 24,  1888, Baltimore Co, MD; d. April 14, 1945, Baltimore Co.,

         MD) December 21, 1910, at Jerusalem Lutheran Church. 2) William E.

         Weber. Mamie Reinecke Weber and Charlotte Koppelman Betz were close

         friends. William Reineke was the son of Dietrich Reinecke (b. December

         1851, Germany; immigrated 1859; d. 1920, Baltimore Co., MD) and Mary

         Anna Lutz (1848-1928; both buried Oak Lawn Cemetery, Baltimore),

         daughter of Tobias Lutz. Dietrich Reineke was a farmer first around Patapsco

         Neck, then on Franklin Avenue, later in Colgate, MD, off North Point Road.

         William Reinecke worked for the Singer Company, for which Mary’s brother

         also worked. Mamie is buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD. Mary and

         William Reinecke had three children, William,  Charles, and Eleanor:


          a. William Henry Reinecke (b. December 11, 1911, Baltimore, MD [1]; d.

              December 11, 1980, Baltimore, MD 11) m. Katherine Louise Loose

              approx. 1935 at Jerusalem Lutheran Church (b. April 30, 1913; d.

              November 14, 1977) Katherine was the daughter of Charles Albert Loose

              (b. abt. 1881, MD; d. Jan 1966, MD) and Katherine (Kate) Pearl

              Chambers (b. abt 1882, MD; d. abt. 1953, Baltimore, MD) After working for

              the Coppers Company, William Reinecke followed his father into the Singer

              Sewing Machine Company, where he worked until his retirement in 1976.

              Their three children are William, Joyce, and Deborah:


               1. William Henry Reinecke, Jr. (b. 6 July 1938, Baltimore, MD) m. on 4

                   Jan 1964 at Jerusalem Lutheran Church1) Connie Irene Randolph (b.

                   8 Aug 1939, Sparta, TN; d. 8 Feb 1998, Baltimore, MD); on 17 Nov

                   2004 at Northside Christian Church, Fruitland, FL 2) Jeaneth Lee

                   Rossi (b. 29 Jan 1941, Daytona Beach, FL) After graduating from

                   Parkville High School, Will joined the Navy, where he trained in

                   Communications Technology School in Imperial Beach, CA. He was

                   then assigned to the Naval Security Group after additional training at

                   March Air Force Base in Riverside. He was stationed in Morocco, and

                   then in Bremerhaven, Germany, until his discharge from the Navy in

                   August 1960.


                   After leaving the Navy, Will attended Essex Community College in

                   Baltimore County.  He was briefly a  member of the Sparrows Point Fire

                   Department, before joining Western Electric Company. Western Electric

                   became AT&T Network Systems  (now Lucent Technologies), and he

                   worked there as a systems analyst until his retirement. Will served over

                   30 years with the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company in

                   Harford County, including 10 years as chief, and one year as president.

                   With Connie he had two sons, William III, and Randy:



                    a. William Henry “Bud” Reinecke III (b. 15 Apr 1966, Baltimore, MD;

                        in 1986 m. 1) Penny; divorced abt. 1997; 2) on 1 Sept 2001 m.

                        Stacy; Bud Reinecke is a captain in the Baltimore County Fire

                        Department and works part-time as an equipment manager for the

                        Baltimore Ravens. With his first wife he had two daughters; with his

                        second wife, a son:


                         1. Amanda Lee Reinecke (b. 7 Jan 1987, Baltimore, MD)


                         2. Rachael Ann Reinecke (b. 8 May 1992, Baltimore, MD)


                         3. William Henry Reinecke IV (b. 12 July 2006, Baltimore, MD)


                    b. Randy Eugene Reinecke (b. 9 Mar 1969, MD) on 10 Dec 1999 m.

                        Amy; Randy Reinecke is a member of the Fallston Volunteer Fire

                        Department in Harford County, and the proprietor of Rolling Valley

                        Maintenance, a lawn and garden maintenance company, in Fallston. 

                        Amy trains and sells horses at her family’s Paradise Farm in Harford

                        County, and shows horses throughout the country. She is active in

                        the Maryland Ponies of America Club. They have three sons, Justin,

                        Garrett, and Luke:


                         1. Justin Tyler Reinecke (b. 12 Jan 2000, Baltimore, MD)


                         2. Garrett William Reinecke (b. 18 Feb 2004, Baltimore, MD)


                         3. Luke Houston Reinecke (b. 18 Feb 2004, Baltimore, MD)


               2. Joyce Kay Reinecke (b. 18 Feb 1940, MD) m. Raymond Lewis

                   Keefer (b. 7 Oct 1936; d. March1978, MD) They had four children,

                   Tammy, Laura, David, and Joyce:


                    a. Tammy Ann Keefer (b. 1959, MD)


                    b. Laura Ray Keefer (b.  1961, MD)


                    c. David William Keefer (b. 1964, MD)


                    d. Joyce Kay Keefer (b. 1967, MD)


               3. Deborah Ann Reinecke (b. 28 July 1952, MD) on 28 Sept 1975 m. 1)

                   Kevin David Donnelly (b. 1947, MD); divorced; 2) on 17 Nov 1984 m.

                   Charles Harvey Nickles, Jr. (b. 1956, MD); divorced. With Charles

                   Nickles, Deborah had two children, Charles and Amy:


                    a. Charles William Nickles (b. 8 Oct 1985, MD)


                    b. Amy Corrine Nickles (b. 20 Jan 1987, MD)


          b. Charles Edward “Ed” Reinecke (b. July 27, 1918, Baltimore, MD; d.

             April 11, 1992, MD) m. Hazel I. Duncan (b. 4 Feb 1921, Baltimore, MD; d.

             29 Oct 2006, Bel Air, Harford Co., MD [1]) Hazel Duncan was the daughter of

             carpenter Henry M. Duncan (b. abt. 1882, MD) and Edna Duncan (b. abt.

             1888, MD). Charles and Hazel Reinecke are buried at Parkwood Cemetery,

             Parkville, MD. They  had two children, Gerald and Dale:


               1. Gerald E. “Gerry” Reinecke (b. 8 Oct 1942, MD; d. 10 Aug 2006, MD)

                   m. Barbara M.? (b. 1946) Gerald is buried in Parkwood Cemetery,

                   Parkville, MD:


                    a. Nichole C. Reinecke? (b. 1977?)


                    b. Jason E. Reineke? m. Holly?


                         1. Douglas Reienecke? (b. abt. May 2005, MD?)


               2. Dale Sharen Reinecke (b. May 13, 1945; d. April 4, 1997, MD) He is

                   buried with his parents in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD.


          c. Eleanor Charlotte “Nonie” Reinecke (b. April 22, 1921, Baltimore Co.,

              MD; d. June 22, 2003) m. Harold F. Senft, Jr. September 20, 1940 (b.

              October 17, 1919; d. January 1980) Harold Senft was drafted into the U.S.

              Army in 1944. He was the son of Harold Senft (b. 12 Apr 1897, PA; d. Nov

              1983, Baltimore, MD) and Marie C. Senft (b. abt. 1899, MD).Harold Senft

              Jr. and Eleanor Senft are buried in Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens,

              Baltimore, MD. Their children are:


               1. Marvin Edward Senft m. Pat; divorced


               2. Linda Helen Senft, m. Richard Byus:


                    a. Linda Byus


                    b. Kimberley Byus


                    c. Lisa Byus


               3. Diane Eleanor Senft, (b. February 14, 1948) m. Richard J. Sweeney

                   (b. 1948):


                    a. Tina Sweeney


                    b. Richard “Rick” Sweeney


               4. Charlene Ellen Senft (b. August 16, 1949) m. James R. Westervelt (b.



                    a. James R. Westervelt, Jr. (b. Jan 1972, MD?) m. Donna K.? (b. Feb



                         b. Wendi Westervelt m. Robert Mitzel


               5. Judith Carolyn Senft, m. Harry Miller:


                    a. David Miller


                    b. Cheryl Miller


               6. Harold Gary Senft (b. March 1941, MD; d. April 2008, Parkville,

                   Baltimore Co., MD) m. Carol M. (b. 1943)


                    a. Mary Jane Senft


     4. Charlotte Caroline (Lottie) Koppelman (b. 1 August 1892, Baltimore Co.,

         MD; d. September 7, 1937, of cancer, Baltimore, MD) m. William Charles

         Heusler  (b. June 11, 1890, Baltimore Co., MD; d. June 20, 1944, Baltimore,

         MD) Charles Heusler was the son of Charles E. Heusler and Louise F. Lutz.

         He rose from clerk to accountant at Standard Oil Co.  They attended St.

         Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. At the time of their deaths, they lived at

         3301 Moravia Ave., in Baltimore. They are both buried in Holy Redeemer

         Cemetery, Baltimore, MD. They had two sons, both of whom died young, and

         a daughter:


          a. Raymond C. Heusler (b. 14 June 1914, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 19 Feb

             1918, Baltimore Co., MD) Raymond died of diphtheria at four years of age.

              He is buried in Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Baltimore, MD.


          b. Alvin William Heusler (b. 1919, Baltimore, MD; d. January 8, 1937, of

              acute appendicitis, Baltimore, MD) He is buried in Holy Redeemer

              Cemetery, Baltimore, MD.


          c. Audrey Charlotte Heusler (b. 1924, Baltimore, MD) m. Pierce; After the

              death of her immediate family, Audrey went to live with her Heusler

              relations on North Avenue.


               1. Deborah Pierce m. Wilson