Ancestors of  Caroline Klinger

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Charles Klinger (b. 1821, Baden, Germany; d. ?) m. Margaret Burkhardt (b. 1823, Germany) Baden was the name of an area of southwest Germany that, after World War II, was united with the area to its east called Wurttemburg, to form the modern state of Baden-Wurtttemburg. In 1850, Charles and Margaret lived with MargaretÕs parents, Magdalena (b. 1786, Germany) and Adam Burkhardt (b. 1785, Germany), in BaltimoreÕs 19th Ward. Also in the household were MargaretÕs brother Philip Burkhardt (b. 1820, Germany), his wife Marie (b. 1820, Germany), and their 6-month-old daughter Louisa (b. 1850). There is no occupation listed for Adam or for Charles in the 1850 census, but by 1860 he was working as a carter. The 1880 census found him working in the milk business, possibly with his neighbor, an Irish dairyman named John Leary. Margaret and Charles Klinger had nine children:


     1) Caroline Klinger (b. 1846, Baltimore, MD; d.?)


     2) Ann Klinger (b. 1849, Baltimore, MD; d.?)


     3) Mara? Mata? Mona? (b. 1852, Baltimore, MD; d. between 1852 and 1860)


     4) Elizabeth Klinger (b. 1856, Baltimore, MD; d.?)


     5) Margaret Klinger (b. 1857, Baltimore, MD; d. ?)


     6) Charles John Klinger (b. 1860, Baltimore, MD; d.?)


     7) George A. Klinger (b. 1863, Baltimore, MD; d.? m. Cary (b. 1871, Baltimore, MD;

     d. bet. 1920 and 1930) George Klinger began as a carter like his father. By 1910, he had

     followed his father into the milk-selling business, and owned his own store. He lived with his

     family at 532 Wilson St. in the 14th Ward. By 1920, he was listed as the proprietor of a milk

     dairy. His sister Emma, a seamstress, lived with them, as did his son-in-lawÕs brother,

     Elgen Reubright (b. 1902, Indiana), a fireman.  By 1930, he was widowed and living with

     his daughter Caroline Klinger Koppelman and  her husband George Elmer

     Koppelman on the Koppelman farm in the 14th District. George and CaryÕs children were:


          a. Marguerite Klinger (b. 1887, Baltimore, MD; d. ?) m. Roy Reubright (b. 1887,

          Indiana), first a fireman for the city of Baltimore, then a railroad brakeman. By 1930,

          they lived at 3722 Pennington St., on the south side of the harbor, near Curtis Bay, and

          had three children:


               1. LeRoy Reubright (b. 1920, Baltimore, MD)


               2. Margaret Reubright (b. 1922, Baltimore, MD)


               3. Esther Reubright (b. 1924, Baltimore, MD)


          b. Caroline Klinger ((b. November 11, 1897; d. July 1983, Kennedyville, MD) m.

          George Elmer Koppelman approx. 1920 (b. May 25, 1898, Baltimore Co., Maryland;

          d. October, 1972, Kennedyville, MD) Both are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville,



          c. George A. Klinger, Jr. (b. 1903, Baltimore, MD; d.?) George followed his father

          into the dairy business. In 1930, after his father had moved to the Koppelman farm, he

          and his wife Mary E. (b. 1909, Maryland; d.?) were living with GeorgeÕs aunt Emma

          Klinger on Belleville Ave. in the Howard Park neighborhood, near Liberty Road.  His

          occupation was listed as salesman with a dairy company.


     8) Mary Klinger (b. 1865, Baltimore, MD; d. ?)


     9) Emma Louisa or Laura (b. 1867, Baltimore, MD; d.?)