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John Harman Gerhardt Koppelman (b. July 1862, Baltimore, Co., MD1; d. March 31, 1929, Baltimore County, Maryland), son of John George Koppelman, m. Anna Wilhelmina Schaub 18841 (b. July 18681-August 26, 19382, Baltimore Co., Maryland):


Among Ruth HedemanŐs notes was a story about how John and Anna met. Anna came out to visit her Schaub relations. One Sunday, a local youth escorted her to a Sunday School picnic at Jerusalem Lutheran Church. When her escort became embroiled in an altercation, Anna left him in disgust, and John engaged her in conversation. He offered to take her home, and from that day began courting her, walking from the Koppelman farm to AnnaŐs home on Ann Street in the city for six months, until they became engaged.


In 1893, after John George KoppelmanŐs death, Elizabeth Kemp Koppelman deeded John Harman Koppelman, Minne Koppelman, and Henry L. Koppelman portions of their fatherŐs land on Franklin Avenue in Raspeburg/Gardenville, near Raedeke Avenue, between Belair Road and Philadelphia Road, just north of Herring Run, outside Baltimore.12


By 1919, John HarmanŐs portion was a prosperous 23-acre truck farm The farm included a seven-room house, barn, wagon shed, garage, corn crib, and chicken houses. In 1994, Charlotte Koppelman Betz wrote that when she was a child, they owned Ňa buggy, a Dayton wagon, a one-horse wagon and a large two-horse wagon . . . several mules, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, cows, [and] calves.Ó They owned a gramophone and a piano. Her brother William Herman and her mother, Anna, had a stall in Lafayette Market, where they sold Ňall kinds of vegetables that were raised on the farm, along with eggs, chickens, jams, jellies, preserves, catsup, relish, chow-chow, etc.Ó


Close kin surrounded them on neighboring farms: John HarmanŐs sister Minnie and her husband, John HarmanŐs brother-in-law Louis E. Shaub, whose partner was John HarmanŐs brother, John L. Koppelman; another brother, Henry L.;  the daughter of John HarmanŐs uncle John Henry, Kate Koppelman Lutz, and her husband, William H. Lutz; and the Christs, whose daughter Emma Marie married John HarmanŐs son John L.


John Harman sold this farm in 1920, and bought another, larger farm from the Langenfelders,  a few more miles east of the city, with more acreage. This farm was situated on a hill near Philadelphia Road and Hamilton Avenue, above a Jewish cemetery. Their neighbors included the Kahlers and the Trempers. After John Harman died, two of his sons, Fred and Elmer, ran the farm together until FredŐs death in 1944. They grew root crops, tomatoes, and hardy greens such as kale and spinach. Elmer also raised hogs. Another son, William Herman, had an acre where he grew vegetables, but concentrated on his business selling produce to city markets. When Elmer sold the land to home developers in the late 1950s, the area became Bluegrass Heights, and Koppelman Lane became Bluegrass Road. John and Anna are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD. Their children were:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


     1. John Ludwig Koppelman (b. July 4, 1891, Baltimore Co., Maryland, 10 d. August

     9, 1960, Bradshaw, Maryland11), m. Emma Marie Christ (b. January 18, 1892, Baltimore,

     Maryland; d. October, 1980, Baltimore, Maryland.3) John and Emma are buried in Parkwood

     Cemetery, Parkville, MD. Their children are:


          a. Emma L.? (Emily?) Koppelman (b. 1913, Baltimore, Maryland) m.

          Bernard O. Barger (b. March 8, 1915, Baltimore, Maryland; d. January 19, 1998,

          Baltimore, Maryland3)

          b. George William (Buddy) Koppelman (b. 1920?, Baltimore, MD; d. April

          29, 2005, Baltimore, MD) m. Anna (Boots) Geise ? He is buried with his wife in

          Parkwood Cemetery.

          c. John Charles Koppelman (b. December 29, 1917?; d. Febrary 3, 1996?) m.

          Joan Felty

          d. Mary Elizabeth Koppelman (b. ?) m. Joseph S. Knauer (b. January 18,

          1920, Baltimore, Maryland; d. December 23, 1993, Perry Hall, Maryland)

          e. Hilda Louisa Koppelman (1924-1924)


     2. Emma Elizabeth Koppelman (b. October 5, 18851, Baltimore Co., Maryland; d.

     February 17, 1961) m. Walter Rider Hedeman June 24, 1906 (b. June 16, 187810; d. 1974)

     They are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD.


     3. William Herman Koppelman (b. October 15, 1893, Baltimore Co., 

     Maryland; d. 1980, Baltimore Co., Maryland4) m. Katherine Schwarz June 27, 1917 (b.

     October 9, 1894,  Baltimore Co., Maryland; d. December 16, 1997, Boynton Beach,

     Florida4) According to their wedding announcement, they were married by the Rev. Paul C.

     Burgdorf in the parsonage of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Belair Rd. at Moravia

     Ave. HermanŐs brother Elmer was best man, and ElmerŐs future wife, Caroline Klinger,

     was maid of honor. They lived at 1900 N. Monroe St., in the city, until 1922, when Herman

     built them a small house on his fatherŐs farm. He lived there for the rest of his life; in the

     early 1990s, Katherine went to live with her son William H. Koppelman Jr. in Florida, where

     she resided until her death at the age of 103. Herman and Katherine are buried in Parkwood

     Cemetery, Parkville, MD. Their children are:


          a. Julia (Judy) Charlotte Koppelman (b. June 27, 1918, Baltimore Co.,

          Maryland) m. Sidney Wald 1953


          b. William Herman Koppelman, Jr. (b. September 27, 1919)  m. Lelia

          Knapp 1938;  divorced; m. Esther Kessler 1946; divorced; m. Margaret Adams

          Carter, December 19, 1981

          c. George Edward Koppelman (b. March 31, 1921, Baltimore Co.,

          Maryland;   d.1990, Baltimore Co., Maryland; buried in Parkwood Cemetery) m.

          Margaret Wright 1942 (b. 1924, PA)



     4. Frederick Koppelman (b. November 26, 1895, Baltimore Co., Maryland5; d.

     August 20, 19446) m. Viola Volz 1924 (b. April 1900, Baltimore Co., Maryland7; d. 1975)

     They had no children. Both are buried in Parkwood Cemetery.


     5. George Elmer Koppelman (b. May 25, 1898, Baltimore Co., Maryland5; d.

     October, 1972, Kennedyville, MD4) m. Carrie Klinger November 11, 1919 (b. November

    11, 1897; d. July 1983, Kennedyville, MD4) Both are buried in Parkwood Cemetery.


     6. Anna Mina (Minnie) Koppelman (b. June 4, 1888, Baltimore Co., Maryland;

     d.January 19803) m. George P. Raab 1917 (b. 1891; d.1953) Both are buried in Parkwood



     7. Bertha Anna (Bertie) Koppelman (b. March 16, 1902 Baltimore Co.,

     Maryland; d. June 19918) m. John E. Bopp on Easter Sunday1922 at Jerusalem Lutheran

     Church (b. June 11,1895; d. July 19748) Both are buried in Parkwood Cemetery.


     8 . Charlotta (Lottie) Caroline Koppelman (b. March 15, 19069, Baltimore Co.,

     Maryland; d.June 3,1999, Baltimore Co., Maryland) m. Frederick Betz November 3, 1926 at

     Jerusalem Lutheran Church (b. August 28, 1901, Baltimore Co., MD; d. July 5, 1990,

     Baltimore Co., MD) Both are buried in Parkwood Cemetery.


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