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Anna Mina (Minnie) Koppelman (b. January 4, 1888, Baltimore Co., Maryland; d.January, 1980) was the second-eldest daughter of John Harman Koppelman. She married  George Peter Raab on April 12, 1917 (b. March 5, 1891, Baltimore Co., MD; d.1953, Baltimore Co. MD). They are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD.


Unlike the Koppelmans, who were Lutheran, George Raab was a Roman Catholic.

G. Edward “Eddie” Koppelman recalls that George Raab and his son, George Jr., were in great demand for both mortared stonework and dry wall stonework. He did the block and stone work for St. Clement’s Catholic Church, and built many stone walls along Belair Road. Even when his hands became crippled with arthritis and he was no longer able to handle stones himself, if authentic traditional stonework was called for, George Sr. would be brought to sit and direct the work from a chair. George and Minnie’s children were:


     1. Gertrude Mary Raab (b. March 4, 1918, Baltimore Co., Maryland; d. April 13,

         2004, Baltimore Co., MD) m. William Rennert Bush (b. October 7, 1913, MD; d.

         November 17, 1996, Baltimore, MD) Gertrude worked as a secretary and bookkeeper

         for Gross Mechanical Laboratories. She and her husband lived in the Brooklyn Park

         area for 40 years. They were members of St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church.

         Gertrude and William Bush are buried  in Holy Cross Cemetery just south of

         Baltimore.[2] They had four children, Anne, Virginia, William, and Ronald:


          a. Anne Mary Bush (b 10 Mar 1939, Baltimore, MD) on 9 May 1959 m. Richard

              Allen Smith (b. 30 May 1938, Baltimore, MD) They have five children, Richard,

              Theresa, Patricia, Sharon, and Michael:


               1. Richard Allen Smith, Jr. (b. 29 Jan 1960, Plattsburg, NY) on 22 Oct 1983 in MD

                   married Teresa Ann Jedrzejewski (b. 21 Oct 1960, Baltimore, MD) They have

                   three sons, Christopher, Richard, and Patrick:


                    1. Christopher  Brandon Smith (b. 1 Apr 1981, Washington, DC) in Jan 2005 in

                        Las Cruces, NM m. Jaime Petrowsky; they have one son, Jakob:


                         a. Jakob Alexander Smith (b. 12 May 2005, NM?)


                    2. Richard Allen Smith III (b. 26 Nov 1984, Baltimore, MD)


                    3. Patrick Ryan Smith (b. 5 Sept 1986, Baltimore, MD)


               2. Theresa Marie Smith (b.12 Jan 1961, Baltimore, MD)  in October 1980 in

                   Baltimore, MD m. Mark Randall Gillespie (b. ?) They have two children, Mark

                   and Tara:


                    a. Mark Randall Gillespie, Jr. (b. 6 May 1981, Baltimore, MD) on 31 Dec

                        2003 in Severn, MD m. Alicia Ann Krmap (b. 12 Apr 1982) They have two

                        children, Madison and Aiden:


                         1. Madison Nicole Gillespie (b. 31 Aug 2004)


                         2. Aiden Mark Gillespie (b. 30 June 2006)


                    b. Tara Michelle Herlihy (b. 29 June 1986, Baltimore, MD)


               3. Patricia Anne Smith (b. 16 June 1962, Baltimore, MD) on 11 Oct 1997 in

                   Linthicum, MD m. Michael Ray Keele (b. 13 July 1966, Philadelphia, PA) They

                   have two sons, Michael and Matthew:


                    a. Michael Ray Keele, Jr. (b. 15 Dec 1998, Baltimore, MD)


                    b. Matthew James Keele (b. 6 Nov 1999, Baltimore, MD)


               4. Sharon Lee Smith (b. 17 Feb 1964, Altus, OK) on 1 Sept 1984 in Linthicum, MD

                   m. Gregory Allen Florey (b. 16 June 1962) They have two children, Gregory

                   and Erica:


                    a. Gregory Allen Florey, Jr. (b. 6 Feb 1989, Panama)


                    b. Erica Alyse Florey (b. 23 Sept 1991, Great Falls, MT)


               5. Michael Joseph Smith (b. 12 Jan 1965, Altus, OK) on 7 Dec 1991 in Baltimore,

                   MD m. Kimberly Tull (b. 10 Mar 1964) They have three sons, Michael, Ryan,

                   and Jason:


                    a. Michael Joseph Smith, Jr. (b. 19 May 1989, Baltimore, MD)


                    b. Ryan Miles Smith (b. 10 June 1992, Baltimore, MD)


                    c. Jason Bradley Smith (b. 13 Oct 1995, Baltimore, MD)


          b. Virginia Frances Bush (b. 15 June 1940, Baltimore, MD) on 18 Sept 1965 in

              Baltimore, MD m. Ronald Earl Hawkins (b. 20 Aug 1934, Baltimore, MD) They

              have three children, Stacey, Christy, and Ronald:


               1. Stacey Marie Hawkins (b. 15 Feb 1967, Baltimore, MD)


               2. Christy Lynn Hawkins (b. 26 June 1970, Baltimore, MD) on 21 May 2005 in

                   Linthicum, MD m. Michael Edwin Neil Spurgeon (b. 29 July 1969) They have a

                   son, Brayden:


                    a. Brayden Michael Spurgeon (b. 12 Sept 1006, Baltimore, MD)


               3. Ronald Earl Hawkins, Jr. (b. 7 Oct 1973, Baltimore, MD)


          c. William Rennert Bush, Jr. (b.16 May 1942, Baltimore, MD) m.1) on 23 Apr 1962

              in Baltimore, MD, Carol Lee Ruley (b. 10 Mar 1942); divorced 1974; 2) on 3 Apr

             1985 in Annapolis, MD, Nancy C. O’Brien; with Carol Ruley, he had two children,

             William and Kelly:


               1. William Rennert Bush III (b. 5 Dec 1962) m. 1) on 21 June 1987 in MD,

                   Deborah Anne Fee (b. 29 Apr 1965); divorced; 2) on 1 June 2002 in Towson,

                   MD, Sherryn Bowman (b. 27 Dec 1967); with Deborah Fee, he had a daughter,



                    a. Alexandra Jane Bush (b. 11 Jan 1988, Santa Clara, CA[3])


                    With Sherryn Bowman, he had a son, William:


                     b. William Rennert Bush IV (b. 21 Mar 2004)


               2. Kelly Marie Bush (b. 27 Dec 1963, Baltimore, MD) on 18 Jan 1985 m. Jeffrey

                   Corron (b. 5 Sept 1962); they have a son, Jeffrey, and a daughter, Katie Jo:


                    a. Jeffrey Allen Corron, Jr. (b. 28 June 1989)


                    b. Katie Jo Corron (b. 19 Feb 1988)


          d. Ronald Joseph Bush (b. 23 Oct 1954, Baltimore, MD) m. 1) on 22 June 1974 Terry

              L. Nauman; divorced 1982; 2) on 17 Apr 1982 Pamela Jane Austin (b. 29 Apr

              1949, NJ); with Terry Nauman he has a daughter:


               1. Kimberly Marie Bush (b. 20 Oct 1979, Baltimore, MD)


               With Pamela Austin, he has three children, Danielle, Ronald, and Michelle:


                2) Danielle Krystn Bush (b. 22 Sept 1982, Delanco, NJ)


                3) Ronald Joseph Bush, Jr. (b. 9 Aug 1985, Delanco, NJ)


                4) Michelle Courtney Bush (b. 2 Feb 1987, Marlton, NJ)


     2. Anna Evelyn Raab (b. August 11, 1920, Baltimore, MD m. Lester Jones:


          a. Lester Jones, Jr. m. Betty:


               1. Michael Jones


               2. Leslie Ann Jones


          b. Carole Ann Jones (b. June 1944, MD) m. John F. Demek ( b. June 1939, MD),

              son of John S.Demek (b. 11 Oct 1913, Baltimore, MD; d. 9 Mar 1994, Baltimore,

              MD)and Marie Elizabeth Meixner (b. 14 Jan 1915, MD; d. Oct 1983, MD). Carole

              and John had two children, John and Terry::


1.   John F. Demek, Jr. m. Michele M. Toth:


a. Christopher Demek


b. Brian Demek


c. Erin Demek


d. Brendan Demek


               2.    Terry Demek m. Christopher Maloney:


                        a. Daniel Maloney


     3. Ruth E. Raab (b. July 10, 1923, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Leighton P. Sterner (b. 4

         Sept 1917, York Co., PA; d. 19 July 1981, Baltimore, MD[4]) Leighton Sterner was the

         son of York County, PA blacksmith and farmer Miles Sterner (b. 26 Mar 1874, Carroll

         Co., MD?[5]; d. 3 Oct 1927, York Co., PA[6]) and Martha J. Albright (b. May 1877, PA;

         m. Miles Sterner 29 Oct 1900, York Co., PA[7]; d. 26 Jan 1957, York Co., PA?[8]),

        daughter of West Manheim Township farmer Isaac Albright (b. June 1847, PA; d. 5

        Aug 1905, York Co., PA) and Elizabeth Albright (b. Sept 1845, PA). One of Miles’

         younger brothers, Jacob H. Sterner (b. March 1870, MD; d. 20 Mar 1920, York Co.,

         PA[9]) moved to West Manheim Township, York County, with his family sometime

         between 1897 and 1899, to farm.


         This line of Sterners or Starners appears to go back to at least 1811 in Carroll County,

         MD. Miles Sterner was the son of Rebecca Sterner  (b. abt. 1839, MD)

         and Edmund or Edward H. Sterner[10] (b. abt. 1845, MD), a Manchester Township,

         Carroll Co.  “huckster.” Edmund was the son of farmer Jacob Starner (b. abt. 1820,

         MD) and Sarah Starner (b. abt. 1823, MD), Based primarily on census data, this line of

         descent has not yet been confirmed.



         Leighton Sterner had a brother, Robert H. F. Sterner (b. abt. 1908, York Co., PA),

         and a sister, Pearl V. Sterner (b. abt. 1912, York Co., PA). In 1910, Miles had a

         blacksmith shop in West Manheim Township, on the Hanover-Baltimore Pike (Route 30).

         It appears that he purchased land in West Manheim Township from Anna M. Garrett

         on 9 Apr 1900[11]. In 1920, he had a small truck farm on Black Rock Road outside of

         Hanover[12]. After Miles Sterner’s death, Martha and Robert went to work in a cordage

         factory[13]. Leighton was not with him; he may have hired out as a farm laborer.


         Ruth and Leighton Sterner had four children, Leighton, Denise, Michael, and



          a. Leighton P. Sterner, Jr.


               1. Timothy


               2. Gregory


               3. Tasha


          b. Denise Sterner (b. 22 June 1948, MD; d. Sept. 1982, Baltimore, MD or

              Riverside Co., CA[14]) m. Bill Hardy:


               1. Amber Kelly Hardy


               2. Barbara Hardy m. Larry McHugh:


                    a. Thomas McHugh


                    b. Daniel McHugh


          c. Michael V. Sterner m. Teresa E. Ledesma (b. 1954?)


          d. Dennis Wayne Sterner (b. June 1948, MD; d. 8 April 2008, Baltimore CO., MD) m.

             Antonetta J. Caraffa; Dennis was a veteran of the Vietnam War. He is buried in

             Gardens of Faith Memorial Gardens, Baltimore Co., MD.


     4. George William Raab (b. December 29, 1925, Baltimore, MD; d. September 13,

         2004, Baltimore, MD) m. Rita A. Franz (b. May 19, 1924, MD) George W. Raab is

         buried in Gardens of Faith Memorial Gardens, Rosedale, Baltimore Co., MD. George and

         Rita had 12 children:


          a. George Gregory Raab (b. 1947, MD) m. Linda (b. 1948) Greg Raab, president of

              Raab & Associates, Inc., is an independent consultant specializing in technology

              innovation, reimbursement requirements, and health policy. His clients include medical

              technology associations and groups, as well as medical technology companies.

              Before beginning his consulting practice in 2000, Dr. Raab held senior government

              affairs and health policy positions at AdvaMed, the Advanced Medical Technology

              Association, for more than seven years, and at Medtronic, Inc. for close to ten years.

              From 1981 to 1983, Dr. Raab staffed Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) in his role as the

              Ranking Democratic Member of the Senate Finance Committee’s Health

              Subcommittee, concentrating on Medicare policies and hospital reimbursement reform.

              He also worked for several years at HCFA (now the Centers for Medicare and

              Medicaid Services) on a wide range of legislative and policy matters, as well as the

              U.S. Public Health Service. He earned his M.A. and PhD. from the University of



          b. Frederick A. Raab (b. Apr 1949, MD) m. Kathy R. (b. Mar 1950)


          c. Annetta M. Raab (b. July 1950, MD) m. Paul C. Kotschenreuther (b. May 1949):


               1. Lauren Kotschenreuther ?


               2. David P. Kotschenreuther (b. Nov 1977, MD)


          d. Beverly Raab m. Martin Lang:


               1. Jonathan Lang


          e. Stephen M. Raab (b. December 4, 1953; d. March 29, 1999) m. Judy; Stephen M.

              Raab is buried in Gardens of Faith Memorial Gardens, Rosedale, Baltimore Co.,

              MD. Stephen and Judy had one son:


               1. Stephen M. Raab Jr. (b. 1981, MD)


          f. David Raab


          g. Geraldine Raab


          h. Gloria Raab


          i. Gary Raab


          j. Brian Raab


          k. Patricia Jean Raab (b. 1956, Baltimore, MD) m. Thomas G. Thanner (b. Jan

              1954); divorced. They have one son:


               1. Eric G. Thanner (b. abt. 1982, MD?) Eric Thanner is a graduate of Villa Julie

                   College in Baltimore County.


          l. Mary Ellen Raab m. Craig Olsen


     5. Edna E. Raab (b. Nov 4, 1932, Baltimore, MD) m. Howard Robert Thomas (b.6 Dec

         1925, Baltimore, MD; d. 9 July 1998, Baltimore, MD[16]) A graduate of Kenwood High

         School, Bob served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. He was a lifelong

         employee of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and an automobile enthusiast who drove in

         stock car races during the 1950s. He is buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD.[17]


          a. Howard Robert Thomas, Jr. (b. abt. 1948, MD; d. 7 Dec 2007, Baltimore, MD)

              Known as “Bob,” he was a Vietnam veteran. He is buried in Parkwood Cemetery,

              Parkville, MD.[18]


               1. Rob Thomas


          b. Kenneth R. Thomas (b. abt. 1950, MD) m. Deborah A.










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