Descendents of George Elmer Koppelman

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George Elmer Koppelman (b. May 25, 1898, Baltimore Co., Maryland; d. October 1972, Kennedyville, MD) m.  Carrie Klinger approx. 1920 (b. November 11, 1897; d. July 1983, Kennedyville, MD):


In the 1930s, John Harman Koppelman retired and turned over the farm to his sons Fred and George Elmer. Elmer, his wife Carrie and their two children, George Elmer Jr. and Dorothy, lived in a small house behind John Harman’s house, while Fred and Viola lived with John Harman and Anna in the main house. The brothers farmed the land together until after Fred’s death. Elmer continued to farm just north of the city of Baltimore until 1957, when the increasing suburbanization of the area led him to sell his land to housing developers. He bought a much larger farm – about 200 acres – on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which George Elmer Jr. worked. Elmer Sr. bought another farm next door, where he lived with his wife from 1960 until their deaths; they left that house, which dates back to the 18th century, to their  granddaughter Linda. By the time of his death, Elmer Sr. had built up Harmony Corner Farm to 500 acres of corn and soybeans. On the Eastern Shore, they became active members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Chestertown, to which they donated an organ, a pew, and a stained-glass window. Elmer Sr. and Carrie are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD. They had two children, Elmer Jr. and Dorothy:


1. Dorothy Koppelman (b. August 13, 1921, Baltimore Co., MD1; d. September 19, 1997, of cancer, Hobe Sound, FL; She is buried in Fernhill Memorial Gardens, Stuart, MD) 1) m. Clifford Carlson (d. approx. 1993); 2) m. ? Riggio (d. 1999)


2. George Elmer Koppelman, Jr. (called Junie) (b. 1924, Baltimore Co., Maryland) m. Margaret L. Geissdorfer (b. December 4, 1924, Germany; d. September 25, 2000, Kennedyville, MD; she is buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD) According to the census of 1900, Marga, as she was called, immigrated with her parents to Baltimore in 1926. Katharine A. and Hans Geissdorfer had a bakery in east Baltimore. In 1930, they lived with Marga at 841 Lucerne Avenue, in the 7th Ward of the city. Junie and Marga’s children are:


     a. Linda D. Koppelman (b. September 14, 1947, Baltimore Co., Maryland) m.

     George Conley. Goerge Conley worked in trucking. Their children are:


          1. Edward Conley (b. March 13, 1970, MD; d. December 13, 2005, MD)

          2. Karen Conley (b. April 6, 1972, MD) Karen has two sons:


               a. Brian Scott Conley (b. June 5, 1989, MD)

               b. Joseph Edward Conley (b. October 3, 1990, MD)


     b. Larry Wayne Koppelman (b. December 30, 1952, Baltimore Co., Maryland) m.

     Cynthia Billitsits 1994. Larry Koppelman graduated from St. Mary’s College, Baltimore, in

     1974 with a B.S. in social science, then took an M.S.W. degree from Virginia

     Commonwealth University in clinical social work in 1981. He has pursued a career in clinical

     social work in Pennsylvania. Cynthia Billitsits Koppelman worked as an administrator for the

     Federal Bureau of Prisons for 25 years before retiring. She is currently completing a

     masters degree in social work at the University of Pittsburgh.


1Source: Archives of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church