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This tree traces the ancestry of Katherine Schwarz Koppelman, wife of William Herman Koppelman. She was born the second of ten children, in a large house on Sinclair Lane near Loney’s Lane, just north of Baltimore city. The house was owned by her father’s wealthy employers, the Brehms. John Schwarz, formerly employed by Clifton Park, was hired by the Brehms to run a stock farm, not far from the Brehm’s Brewery. By 1910, John Schwarz’ household included, in addition to his ten children, his wife’s parents, George F. and Anna Katherine Soeder; a laborer; a servant; and a boarder. As the house was provided rent-free along with the position of farm manager, and the family kept a vegetable garden and probably several cows and chickens, the Schwarz family enjoyed relative plenty. They belonged to Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, on Belair Road. Katherine, the second-eldest, was responsible for helping her mother care for her younger siblings, while her older sister, Minnie, worked as a seamstress.


Some of the surnames  in this family include Bauer, Buchwald, Comes, Meier, Meise, Sippel, Worline/Wohrlein, Kraemer, Krebs, Stecker, Emmel, Fischer, Malwitz, Nortrup, Breeback/Braebach, Weilbrenner, Vogt, and Rommel.


Katherine Schwarz’ earliest known ancestor was:


Rosine Catharine Schwarz (b. approx. 1800, Hohenacker, Wurttemburg; d. bet. August and November 1863, Baltimore Co., MD) Buried at Jerusalem Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD.


According to family lore, Gottlieb Schwarz emigrated in 1873, with his mother, Rosine Schwarz, from a district near Stuttgart called Hohenacker, in Württemburg; however, since Gottlieb and Margaret’s children were all born in Maryland before 1873, this immigration date seems unlikely. The best matching immigration record found so far is a passenger list dated July 18, 1855, from the ship Marianne, bound from Bremen to Baltimore. It lists a party of Schwarzes, from Hohenacker: Rosine Schwarz, age 56, b. approx. 1799; Gottlieb Friedrich Schwarz, 23, farmer, b. approx. 1832; and three girls, Rosine Friederike, 27, Wilhelmine, 25, and Friederike, 5.


According to Earl Malwitz, one of the older girls had already been married, and the five-year-old Friederike was her daughter, Friederike Wilhelmine Gnamm (b. 24 July 1849, Wuerttemberg; d. 1933, Baltimore, MD), known as Minnie; she was Earl and Leonard Malwitz’ great-great-grandmother. In 1865, Minnie Gnamm married Albrecht Vogt (b. January 1838, Bavaria; emigrated 1842), a Gardenville farmer with property on Sippel Avenue, just east of Belair Road. The Vogts belonged to Jerusalem Lutheran Church. They are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD. By 1880, they had six children: John A. Vogt (b. July 1866), George W. Vogt (b. approx. 1868), John Edward Vogt (b. October 1869), Mary C. Vogt (b. approx. 1875), Wilhelmena Catherine Vogt (b. June 1877), and Elizabeth C. Vogt (b. October 1880). Three more children were listed in the 1900 census: Rosa Vogt (b. March 1885; Earl and Leonard Malwitz’ mother), Leonard Vogt (b. February 1890), and Herman Vogt (b. November 1881). Wilhelmina told the 1900 census taker that she had born 12 children, of whom eight survived.[1]


Rosine Schwarz’s will, dated August 24, 1863, adds a few clues and a few more puzzles. In her will, Rosine, “being sick and Feble in body,” makes a plaintive plea that her family “keep and take Good care of the said Rosine Schwarz in all of her affliction and to remain with them during her life.”


She directs that her personal effects be divided equally among three heirs, and leaves small legacies to three others. These first three heirs are congruent with children listed on the 1855 passenger list: her daughter Frederica, now wife of Joseph Myers or Meyers; her son Gottlieb Fritz Schwarz, and her daughter Wilhelmine, wife of Michael Buchwald. She also confirms an earlier gift of a cow to Michael Buchwald.


Three further legatees don’t clearly match anyone on the 1855 passenger list: ”my daughter Catherine Klinger who is married and absent”; my Daughter Kate C. Kruburn who is married and absent”; and my son John Christe by a former husband”. To each she left five dollars if they returned within three years of her death. Prominent Gardenville citizens John Lamley and John Schone witnessed the will.[2]


A German-born farm laborer named Michael Bookwelt, listed in the 1860 census, in the 12th district, may be the son-in-law named in the will. His household included wife Minia (b. approx. 1830, Germany), a probable corruption of Minna or Mena, which in turn was a typical abbreviation of Wilhelmine. Also in the household was a son, John Bookwelt (b. approx. 1858, MD), and a woman who may have been Mena’s mother, Catharine Swats (b. approx. 1800, Germany). It’s very possible that Catharina, a very common German name, was Rosine’s middle name.


Joseph Myers is probably Joseph J. Meier (b. approx. 1835). A Joseph Meier, age 24, immigrated from Prussia on the bark Maryland on December 16, 1856 [Baltimore Passenger and Immigration Lists, 1820-1872, NARA series number M255, Microfilm number 11, list number 26]. He appears as Joseph Myer, gardener, in the 1870 census of Baltimore County’s 12th district, Little Gunpowder post office [1870 Federal Census, Baltimore Co., 12th District, Little Gunpowder post office, p.158]. His wife is listed as “Frederick,” clearly a corruption of Friederike, age 41. The Sohns and the Langenfelders were near neighbors.


One mystery: Rosine Friederike Schwarz Meier is buried at Jerusalem Lutheran Church, with her daughter and son-in-law, Anna Meier Meise and George Meise, while Joseph Meier is buried at the Catholic cemetery across the street, Most Holy Redeemer, along with son and daughter-in-law William H. Meier and Anna B. Meier.


Rosine [Catherine] Schwarz (b. approx. 1800, Hohenacker, Wurttemburg; d. bet. August and November 1863, Baltimore Co., MD) She is buried in the cemetery of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church. Her children were:


      1. Rosine Friederike Schwarz (b. October 22, 1828, Hohenacker. Wurttemberg; d.

          March 16, 1907, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Joseph J. Meier approx. 1859 (b.

          September 22, 1835 or 1836, Prussia; d. March 13, 1913, Baltimore Co., MD) We

          believe that Friederike Wilhelmine Gnamm, who married Albrecht Vogt, was

          Rosine Friederike’s daughter by a previous marriage. Joseph was a market gardener

          in the Gardenville area. The Meier farm was located on Radecke Avenue, near the

          Koppelman farms. Rosine Friederike Meier is buried at Jerusalem Lutheran

          Church; Joseph is buried at across the street at Holy Redeemer Catholic Cemetery,

          Baltimore MD. Their children were Mary, Anna, and William. In his will, Joseph

          left the farm to his son William, and $400 each to Mary, Anna, Friederike Wilhelmine

          Vogt (his stepdaughter), and to the pastor of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in

          Gardenville. All the rest of his estate was to be sold and the proceeds divided

          between William, Mary, and Anna[3]:


          a. Caroline Maria (Mary) Meier (b. July 1858, Baltimore Co., MD) abt. 1882 m.

              John Herman Nortrup (b. Nov 1858, Baltimore Co., MD), a market gardener,

              son of Katherine Margaretha Nortrup and Harman Heinrich Nortrup. He

              may have been the brother of, or related to, Jeannetta Schaub Nortrup’s

              husband, Henry. According to the 1900 census, Mary had nine children, of whom

              seven survived to that date, John Henry, Harmon, Charles, Mary,

              Barbara, Anna, and Margaret:


               1. John Henry Nortrup (b. Nov 1882, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Elizabeth C. (b.

                   abt. 1883, MD) In 1930 John Nortrup was a salesman at a produce stand.

                   They lived on Beech Avenue in Overlea, south of Belair Road and had two

                   children, Raymond and Marie:


                    a. Raymond H. Nortrup (b. 25 Apr 1914, MD; d. Dec 1977, Baltimore,

                        MD)[4] Raymond Nortrup served in the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1945.


                    b. Marie E. Nortrup (b. abt. 1916, MD)


               2. Harman Nortrup (b. Dec 1885, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Margaret D. (b.

                   abt. 1888, MD) In 1930, Harman Nortrup was a prosperous produce dealer.

                   They lived on Belair Road, next door to electrician Casper and Christina

                   Sippel, and had two sons, Elmer and  Herbert:


                    a. Elmer A. Nortrup (b. 28 Oct 1911, MD; d. May 1977, Baltimore, MD[5])


                    b. Herbert W. Nortrup (b. 14 May 1913, MD; d. 1 Feb 1999, Brooklyn,

                        Kings Co., NY?)


               3. Charles Nortrup (b. 15 Nov 1888, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Feb 1973,

                   Baltimore, MD) In 1942, when he registered for the “Old Man’s Draft,” he

                   worked at the Guilford Avenue plant of Crown Cork and Seal Co., and lived at

                   4900 Walther Avenue.


               4. Mary Nortup (b. March 1892, Baltimore Co., MD)


               5. Barbara Nortrup (b. July 1895, Baltimore Co., MD)


               6. Anna Nortrup (b. Aug 1896, Baltimore Co., MD)


               7. Margaret (Maggie) H. Meier (b. August 1899, Baltimore Co., MD) m.

                   Clinton J. Weimeister (b. abt. 1895, MD) In 1930, he was employed as a

                   plasterer; they lived on Kenwood Avenue, and had two daughters, Naomi and



                    a. Naomi M. Weimeister (b. abt. 1923, MD)


                    b. E. Rosalie Weimeister (b. abt. 1925, MD)


          b. Anna M. Meier (b. February 26, 1865 or 1866, Baltimore Co., MD; d. February

              22, 1917, Baltimore Co., MD) m. George H. Meise approx. 1902 (b. April 19,

              1864, Baltimore Co., MD; d. March 18, 1923, Baltimore, MD) George H.

              Meise, son of farmer Andrew Meise (b. November 27, 1837; d. August 26,

              1903, Baltimore Co., MD) and Barbara Sippel Meise (b. January 3, 1844; d.

              January 26, 1905, Baltimore Co., MD), was a farm laborer on the Meier farm on

              Radecke Ave., and boarded with them before marrying Anna Meier. Anna and

              George Meise are buried near his parents and her mother at Jerusalem Lutheran

              Church. They had two children, Emma and William:


               1. Emma Meise (b. September 23, 1902, Baltimore Co., MD; d. September

                  1988, Baltimore, MD) m. quarry worker Thomas H. Comes (b. March 22,

                  1902, Baltimore Co.; d. December 1989, Baltimore, MD) At the time of their

                  deaths, they lived in the Baltimore community of Notthingham, in the vicinity of

                  Belair Road and Silver Spring Road.[6]


               2. William J. Meise (b. approx. 1908, Baltimore Co., MD)


          c. William Henry Meier (b. March 30, 1874, Baltimore Co., MD; d.; 1962,

              Baltimore, MD) m. Anna B. approx. 1902 (b. 1877, Germany; d. 1961, Baltimore,

              MD) They are buried at Holy Redeemer Catholic Cemetery, Baltimore.

              William was a truck farmer on Radecke Avenue. They had four children, of

              whom three have been identified in the census records: Joseph William,

              Gertrude, and Margaret:


               1. Joseph William Meier (b. March 15, 1902, Baltimore Co., MD; d. February

                  1986) m. Catherine Ann Worline (sometimes spelled Worlein or Wohrline)

                  approx. 1928  (b. July 26, 1899, MD; d. April 2, 1976, Baltimore, MD) Joseph

                  worked as a deliveryman for Koontz Creamery and Sealtest Dairy. Baptized at

                  St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church, she was the granddaughter of

                  John Wohrline (b. approx. 1815, Bavaria or Holland) and Josephine

                  Wohrline  (b. Bavaria or Holland), In 1870, Wohrline was a shoemaker in the

                  11th district. In 1880, he was a 12th district Farmer. Catherine’s parents,

                  John Worline (b. approx. 1857, MD; d. January 6, 1932, Baltimore, MD;

                  buried Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery[7]) and Catherine Klein Worline (b.

                  approx. 1862, MD; d. 9 December 1931, Baltimore, MD[8]) Worlines continued

                  to farm in the Gardenville area at least through the 1930s.When Joseph and

                  Catherine died, they were living in Gardenville, close to Belair Road, near Saint

                  Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church. They may have been members of

                  St. Anthony’s, since her funeral was held there, and a number of their children

                  were baptized there.[9] They  are buried at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic

                  Cemetery, Baltimore. They had four children, Joseph Henry, Robert,

                  Margaret, and William:


                    a. Joseph Henry Meier (b. August 15 1929, Baltimore, MD; d. February 6,

                       2004, West Linn, Oregon) m. Ellen Patricia Fogerty 1955. Joseph Meier

                       graduated from Polytechnic High School and earned a degree in history

                       from Loyola College in Maryland. He served with the Maryland Air

                       National Guard for eight years. Meier went into sales, and eventually

                       became a sales and distribution executive with Time Inc. in New York. He

                       moved his family to the Portland, Oregon area in 1977, and developed, alone

                       and then with partners, INCOR Periodicals Inc., a large and successful

                       publications distribution firm. He and his wife had four children, two

                       daughters and two sons[10]:


                         1. Mary Patricia Cieri


                         2. Ellen Kathleen Flores


                         3. Joseph M. Meier


                         4. Timothy G. Meier


                    b. Robert H. Meier


                    c. Margaret Mary Meier (b. July 1931, MD) m. Joesph E. Rolfes (b.

                        Dec 1926, OH?):


                         2. Mark R. Rolfes (b. abt. 1963, MD?)


                    d. William J. Meier


               2. Gertrude M. Meier (b. approx. 1904, Baltimore Co., MD)


               3. Margaret Meier (b. approx. July 1907, Baltimore Co., MD)


     2. Wilhelmine Schwarz (b. approx. 1830, Hohenacker, Wurttemberg) m. Michael

         Buchwald (b. approx. 1828, Bayern). A Michael Buchwald from Bayern, born  

         approx. 1824, arrived on the ship Anna, bound from Bremen, on May 8, 1851

         [Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1820-1872, NARA Microfilm Series M255 Roll 8].

         Michael Buchwald began as a farm laborer, and eventually became a butcher. They

         lived on Belair Road in Gardenville, and had one son:


          a. John G. F. Buchwald (b. October 1859, Baltimore Co., MD;d. 7 Feb 1947,

              Baltimore, MD[11]) m. Elizabeth (b. September 1874, MD; d. bet. 1920 and 1930)

              approx. 1895 (a second marriage). John Buchwald also became a butcher, and

              also worked as driver of an express wagon. They lived next door to William F.

              Schwarz and his son John G. Schwarz. In the 1930 census, he was living with

              his daughter Margaret’s family on Franklin Avenue, a widower. apparently

              retired. John Buchwald had two children with his first wife and five with his



               1. Margaret Buchwald (b. March 1885, Baltimore Co., MD) possibly m.

                  George C. Koppelman They are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville,



               2. Katharine M. Buchwald (b. September 1887, Baltimore Co., MD)


               3. Eleanor E. Buchwald (b. May 1897, Baltimore Co., MD)


               4. Minnie F. Buchwald (b. March 1898, Baltimore Co., MD)


               5. Gilbert J. Buchwald (b. April 5, 1902, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Feb. 1966,

                   Baltimore, MD) m. Helen (b. approx. 1908, MD) approx. 1927. In the

                   1920 census, Gilbert gave his occupation as grocery clerk. In 1930, he was

                   working as a streetcar motorman. One child is listed in the 1930 census, when

                   they were living on Bradford St., in the 8th Ward, in a neighborhood south of             

                   Baltimore Cemetery and east of Gay Street. At the time of his death, Gilbert

                   lived near Druid Hill Park. Gilbert and Helen’s daughter:


                    a. Lillian M. Buchwald (b. approx. September 1929, Baltimore, MD)


               6. Everett F. Buchwald (b. approx. 1906, Baltimore Co., MD)


               7. William Henry Buchwald (b. February 19. 1908, Baltimore Co., MD; d.

                   February 1976, Baltimore, MD) There is some evidence buried in the

                   cemetery of Jerusalem Lutheran Church, but there is no marker.[12] At the time

                   of his death, he lived near Druid Hill Park.[13]


               8. Marie A. Buchwald (b. April 2, 1912, Baltimore Co., MD; d. January 10,

                   1997, Rosedale, Baltimore Co., MD[14]) She may be buried at Jerusalem

                   Lutheran Church, but there is no marker. See note for John G.F. Buchwald.


     3. Gottlieb Friedrich [Fritz; William?]  Schwarz (b. December 1, 1832,

         Württemberg, Germany; d. November 26, 1880, Baltimore Co., MD) m.

         Margaretha A. Blum (b. March 15, 1832, possibly in Kaulhausen, a village west of

         Dusseldorf, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany; emigrated 1852; d. January 20,

         1906, Baltimore Co., MD) They are buried in the cemetery of Jerusalem Evangelical

         Lutheran Church, along with Gottlieb’s mother, Rosine Schwarz.


         Although he probably came to Baltimore County in 1855, he as not been located in

         the 1860 census. A possible candidate is a “Frederick Swats,” working as a farm

         laborer in the household of a wealthy 12th District German farmer named Henry



         He has been identified with some certainty in the 1870 census of the 12th district as

         “William Swatts,” market gardener, with wife Margaret and children William,

         Caroline, and John—whose names and ages correspond with those we know from

         later censuses and family memories. His household is next to that of John Lamley,

         one of the witnesses to his mother’s will. This census introduces a new puzzle: along

         with their own children, two children named Taylor are listed as living in their

         household: Henry Taylor (b. approx. 1857, MD) and Elizabeth Taylor (b. approx.

         1861, MD). Both children’s parents were born in Germany. One possibility is that

         Margaret Schwarz had been married before. A Godfrey Taylor (b. approx. 1829,

         Bavaria) is listed in the 1860 census, working as a house carpenter in Baltimore, with

         wife Margaret (b. approx. 1835, Cohassen) and a son, John (b. approx. 1857, MD).


         Baltimore County land records contain an 1865 deed for an unspecified amount of l

         land near Belair Road, on the edge of Johns Hopkins’ estate, in which Gottlieb F.

         Schwarz took over several mortgages from the owners, John and Elizabeth Christ

         (20 Mar 1865, Liber JHL No. 44 Folio 233 ff.). Schwarz also appears to have made

         a cash payment to the Christs of $2,000, and taken over a yearly rental payment of

         $100. The two mortgages were from the Mechanics Building Assoc. #5 of Baltimore:

         one for $2,500 and one for $1,750. The land bordered a parcel leased by Jacob

         Ellinger to Henry Wurten, and an unnamed road laid out by the Baltimore



         In 1880 Gottlieb Schwarz was still a market farmer in the east part of the 12th district

         of Baltimore County, in a now-forgotten village called Georgetown, clustered at the

         crossroads of Belair Road and Erdman Avenue. (Georgetown was named for three

         of its most prominent denizens: George Lamley, George Brehm, and George

         Erdman.) Gottlieb and Margaret had five children, of whom four survived, William

         F. Schwarz, Caroline M. Schwarz Fischer, John Christian Schwarz, and

         Wilhelmine Friederike (Minnie) Schwarz Bauer:


     1. William Frederick Schwarz (b. September 24, 1860, MD; d. May 3, 1938,     

         Baltimore, MD) m. Johannah Maria Rommel, known as Hannah approx. 1882 (b.

         January 18, 1861 Germany; emigrated 1873; d. May 1, 1947, Baltimore, MD), the

         daughter of Anna Catherine Rommel (b. approx. 1827, Saxony) and market

         gardener George Simon or Samuel Rommel (b. approx. 1820, Saxony or Bavaria)

         George came to Baltimore alone on May 13, 1872, on the ship Sirius out of Bremen;

         his wife and children followed a year later, in September 1873, on the bark

         Freihandel, also out of Bremen. By 1880, he had a small farm in the 12th district.

         Hannah, however, is not with the family. She may have gone out to work at a

         brewery nearby on Belair Road. The 1880 census for the village of San Domingo,

         Belair Road at North Avenue,just outside the city, lists a Hanna Rumel working as a

         servant in the household of brewery proprietor Franz Schlaffen. The Schwarz farm

         was located in another Belair Road village, Georgetown, located around Erdman

         Avenue, and with William passing to and from the city produce markets, stopping for

         a beer on a hot day at a brewery beer garden as many farmers did, it would have

         been easy for them to meet. They may also have both attended Jerusalem Lutheran



         While William began as a truck farmer on Belair Road (inherited from his father?),

         by 1930 he was in the a gravel and sand business and had a home worth $14,000 next

         door to his two sons and their families. They lived all their lives at 2340 (“the small

         house” and 2326 (“the big house”) Belair Road. They are buried in Parkwood

         Cemetery, Parkville, MD. William and  Hannah had four children, John, George,

         Caroline and Margarita, all baptized at Jerusalem Lutheran Church:


          a. John Gottlieb Schwarz (b. October 3, 1883, Baltimore Co., MD; d.?) m.

              Amelia Weilbrenner on September 27, 1906, at her home in Raspeburg (b.

              August 7, 1885, MD; d.?) A photo of the couple, taken around 1906, Amelia is a

              very pretty, fashionably dressed young woman with a mischievous turn to her lips.

              John G. Schwarz worked as a butcher, first for J.E Schaninger & Co., then with a

              partner in Anger & Schwarz. After 1913, he had his own business, with a larger

              stall in Belair Market. John and Amelia had three daughters:


               1. Margreta Amelia Schwarz (b. June 28,  1910, Baltimore Co., MD) m. 1)

                   Lewis George Ven Douern on September 3, 1934 (b. October 3, 1913, MD;

                   d. June 1, 1961, Baltimore, MD; buried at Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville,

                   MD) (no children); 2) Bryant C. “Doc” Vinson (b. August 9, 1909,

                   Loachapoka, Alabama; d. June 16, 1982, Baltimore, MD), a widower with a

                   successful veterinary practice. They had no children. Vinson is buried with his

                   first wife at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, Baltimore Co., MD.


               2. Elma Mary Schwarz (b. August 28, 1916, Baltimore, MD)   m. William

                   Vincent Quinn (b. September 7, 1911) on September 12, 1933 in Alexandria,

                   VA. They have three children, eight grandchildren (including Erin Sullivan[15])

                   and five great-grandchildren.


               3. Gloria Jean Schwarz (b. November 2, 1924, Baltimore, MD; d. January 7,

                  1998, Baltimore, MD) m. Earl F. Malwitz (b. approx. 1924, MD), the son of

                  East Prussian immigrant lithographer  Edward Arthur Malwitz  (b. 4 Aug

                  1884, Germany) and Rosa M. Vogt (b. March 1885, Baltimore Co., MD).

                  Earl served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II, and remains an

                  avid pilot. Earl and Gloria had two children:


                    a. John E. Malwitz


                    b. Leslie Malwitz


          b. George W. Schwarz (b. August 20, 1890, Baltimore Co., Maryland; d. Feburary

              1964, Baltimore, MD) m. Anna Leona C. Breeback (b. February 15, 

              1893, Baltimore, MD; d.September 14, 1990, Fallston, MD) Leona was the

              daughter of Catherine Breeback (b. October 12, 1859, MD) and Rudolph H.

              Breeback (b. May 9, 1859, MD), a confectioner.  George Schwarz worked with

              his father in their gravel and sand business. Their children were:


               1. Thelma C. Schwarz (b. 1914, Baltimore, MD; d.?) m. Nolte, a son of

                   Augusta A. Nolte (b. approx. 1888, MD) and Henry Frederick Nolte (b.

                   April 11, 1986, MD; d. February 1970, MD), a box manufacturer and movie

                   theater operator, who are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD.



               2. Gladys L. Schwarz (b. approx. 1912, Baltimore, MD; d.?) m. Carroll W.

                   Bish (b. December 11, 1909, MD; d. October 1974, Baltimore, MD) the son

                   of baker George W. Bish (b. approx. 1886, MD) Family history remembers

                   Carroll Bish as the owner of a pie factory. They had one son:


                    a. Donald William Bish (b. approx. 1932, MD?) m. Ann S.?  (b. approx.



          c. Caroline A. Schwarz (b. January 7, 1887, Baltimore Co., MD; d. October, 1975,

              Baldwin, MD) m. Henry Frank Emmel (b. October 30, 1883, MD), a truck

              farmer in Baldwin, in Baltimore Count11th district, about 1909. Their children



               1. Mildred M. Emmel (b. approx. 1915, Baltimore Co., MD) m. O. Clayton


               2. Earl S. Emmel (b. March 10, 1923, Baltimore Co., MD; d. May 18, 2005,

                   Fallston, MD)


               3. Alvan G. Emmel (b. March 10. 1923, Baltimore Co., MD; d. May 6, 2003,

                   Baldwin, MD) m. Mildred Greenfield:


                    a. Mark Emmel


          d. Margarita (Rita) Schwarz (b.August 14, 1894, Baltimore, MD; d.May 1984,

              Baltimore, MD) m. George Nossett, Jr. (b. March 2, 1889, Fredericksburg,

              VA), the son of an undertaker, George Nossett (b. approx. 1860, VA) George

              Nossett, Jr. worked various jobs, including lithographer at A. Hoen and Co., auto

              mechanic, and filling station clerk.


     2. Carolina M. Schwarz  (b. August 12, 1866, Baltimore Co., MD; d. July 12, 1928,

         Baltimore, MD)  m. Henry Fischer approx. 1900 (b. June 10, 1864, Hessen,

         Germany; d. August 11, 1928, Baltimore, MD). Henry Fischer grew and sold

         flowers. They lived on Sinclair Lane, just down the street from Caroline’s brother,

         John,  and his family. Carolina and Henry Fischer had no children. They are buried in

         the cemetery of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran church.


     3. John Christian Schwarz (b. January 22, 1868, MD; d. May 4, 1916, 

         Baltimore, MD) m. Anna Elizabeth Soeder approx. 1892 (b. May 15,1872,

         Baltimore, MD; d. April 29, 1957, Baltimore, MD, of cancer. They are buried in the

         cemetery of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church. Anna and John C. Schwarz

         lived in a big, 3-story wooden house on a large lot belonging to John’s employers, the

         Brehm family, on Sinclair Lane. They attended Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran

         Church on Belair Road, and all their ten children were christened there, Minnie,

         Katherine, Will, Marie, Fred, Albert, George, Dolly (Elizabeth), Toots     

         (Gertrude), and Julia:


          a. Wilhelmina Friederike (Minnie) Schwarz (b. December 25, 1892,

              Baltimore, MD; d. November 28, 1988, Fairfield, Butler Co., Ohio) m. Harry C.

              Kraemer, a metalworker, on October 20, 1917 (b. November 15, 1888,

              Baltimore, MD; d. 22 Apr 1972, Cincinnati, OH) Harry was the grandson of

              tinsmith Carl J. Krämer (b. approx. 1837, Hessen), who had immigrated on the

              ship Virginia in August 1854, and Caroline Kraemer (b. approx. 1840, Saxony).

              Harry’s father, August Kraemer (b. approx. 1861, MD), worked as a

              blacksmith and tinsmith.


              Minnie Schwarz Kraemer, a highly skilled seamstress, made clothes for many

              Schwarz and Koppelman family members. She was also renowned for her

              excellent custard pies. Harry and Minnie lived for many years on Marx Avenue,

              near Belair Road, in Gardenville, before moving to Ohio with their daughter, Edith.

              Minnie and Harry are buried at Jerusalem Lutheran Church, in Baltimore. Minnie

              and Harry had one child, Edith:


               1. Edith Kraemer (b. September 15, 1918, Baltimore, MD; d. August 16,

                  1999, Red Lion, PA) m. George F. Schmidt approx. 1940 (b. December 8,

                  1916, MD; d. January 9, 1997, Red Lion, PA). George Schmidt was president

                  of the Cin-Fab Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio. He was the son of fertilizer

                  salesman Frederick William Schmidt (b. 5 Feb 1894, MD), and Bessie

                  Thompson Hoey (b. 13 Dec 1895, MD; d. Oct 1984, Baltimore, MD),

                  daughter of George Thompson (b. Aug 1867, MD) and Maud Thompson

                  (b. Apr 1873, MD). Edith worked as an executive secretary for Proctor and

                  Gamble for 26 years; she retired in 1987.[16] They are buried in the cemetery of

                  Jerusalem Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD. Edith and George had three

                  children, Jean, Robert, and Carol:


                    a. Jean E. Schmidt (b. Jan 1948, MD?) m. David W. Fell (b. Nov 1948,

                       England?) Jean Fell has a degree in ? from ?. She worked in England for

                       many years, where she met her husband. They retired to Ohio, where they

                       are leaders in the International Lutheran Marriage Encounter program and

                       members of Advent Lutheran Church of Solon. They have two daughters,

                       Ann and Heather:


                         1. Heather M. Fell (b. Nov 1973, England?) Heather Fell graduated

                             from American University in 1994. In 1997 she earned an MBA from

                             Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of

                             Management. She specializes in health care finance, and is currently a        

                             project manager for Blue Shield of California.


                         2. Anna L. Fell (b. Jan 1977, England?) m. Michael ___ Anna works for

                             Progressive Insurance in Ohio. They have an adopted daughter:


                              a. Megan Elizabeth ___ (b. 6 March 2007, York, PA)


                    b. Robert W. Schmidt m. Alice Knauer:


                         1. Sharon Schmidt


                         2. Robert Schmidt, Jr.


                    c. Margaret Carole Schmidt (b. 24 Oct 1939, MD?) on 4 Apr 1959 m. 1)

                        J. Donald Hammen (b. 15 Dec 1934, Baltimore, MD); divorced; 2) on     

                        31 Dec 1962 in Alexandria, VA, Edwin Frances Treat (b. 6 Oct 1931, Ft.

                        Howard, MD; d. 11 Aug 2004, York, PA; buried Prospect Hill Cemetery,

                        York Co., PA)[17]; 3) on 24 Sept 2006 in York, PA John Clayton Rebert,

                        III (b. 28 June 1943, Philadelphia, PA) [18]


                        Edwin Treat was the son of Albert Francis Treat  (b. 9 Sept 1904, PA;

                        d. Aug 1979, Linden, Lycoming Co., PA; buried Oak Lawn Cemetery,

                        Baltimore Co., MD[19]) and Lucina Bellows Percival (b. Aug 1889, PA),

                        daughter of Bradford Co. farmer Kelley S. Bellows (1866, NY-1947,

                        PA) and Augusta D. Bellows (1872-1939; both buried in Beech Flats

                        Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA). Albert’s maternal grandparents, Luther

                        Bellows (b. 15 Nov 1822, NY; d. 5 May 1901, Bradford Co., PA) and

                        Jane Garrison Bellows (b. 13 Aug1827, NY; d.7 Jan 1909, Bradford

                        Co., PA; both buried in Beech Flats Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA[20]), had

                        come to Pennsylvania from Delaware Co., NY sometime between 1860

                        and 1870; his greatgrandfather, Franklin Bellows, had been born in

                        Vermont abt. 1812.


                        Albert Treat, a blacksmith, brought his family to Baltimore from Bradford

                        County, PA around 1930 for the work in the Sparrows Point steel mills.

                        They lived in the working class neighborhood named after nearby Ft.

                        Howard, on North Point, a narrow peninsula that juts into the Patapsco

                        River south of Baltimore city, just across the water from Sparrows Point.


                        After graduating from Sparrows Point High School in 1949, Edwin Treat

                        served in Korea as a U.S. Marine, and then with the U.S. Army’s 82nd

                        Airborne Division. He worked for many years in cemetery sales and

                        management. He was a member of the Episcopal Church of St. John the

                        Baptist in York.


                       With Donald Hammen, Carole had a daughter:


                         1. Donna Leigh Hammen (b. 29 Nov 1961, Baltimore, MD) m. John

                             Taylor, proprietor of Baltimore Rigging Company. Donna a graduate of

                             Towson University, and is a registered nurse. They have one son:


                               a. John D. Taylor (b. 1 May 1987, Baltimore, MD)


                       With Edwin Treat, Carole had three more children, Holly, Robert, and



                         2. Holly E. Treat (b. 22 Oct 1961, Baltimore, MD) on 23 Oct 1993 in

                             York, PA m. Christopher E. Kline . Holly received a BSN from

                              Duquesne University, Pittsburgh. She worked for many years as an

                              emergency room and trauma nurse. She and Christopher had three

                              children, Logan, Nikki, and Mallory:


                              a. Logan Treat Kline (b. 27 June 1993, Pittsburgh, PA; d. 30 Oct,

                                  2004, York Co., PA[21]) After his death of

                                  an accidental gunshot wound at the home of a playmate, his family

                                  and friends established the Logan Treat Kline Memorial Fund to

                                  benefit the Red Lion Area Educational Foundation. For more

                                  information, visit .


                              b. Nikki Elizabeth Kline (b. 11 July 1994, York, PA)


                              c. Mallory Taylor Kline (b. 15 March 1997, York, PA)


                         3. Robert Francis Treat (b. 1 Nov 1965, Baltimore, MD) in June 1994 in

                             Etters, PA m. Denise Keckler (b. 1961). Robert is the proprietor of

                             Red Beard Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing in Penbrook, Dauphin Co.,

                             PA. He graduated from the Bradley Academy of Art in York, PA,

                             shows custom-built automobiles, and plays drums in the band Basic



                         4. Edith Carole (Edie) Treat (b. 2 Aug 1972, Towson, MD) 1) in May

                             1995 m. Ray Schulz; divorced; 2) on 16 May 2002 in Red Lion, PA m.

                             Jeffrey S. Enfield (b. Jan 1966), a building contractor. They have

                             three children, Savannah, Tyler, and Alexis:


                              a. Savannah Rae Schulz (b. 11 Aug 1995, York, PA)


                              b. Tyler Scott Enfield (b. 27 Feb 2001, York, PA)


                              c. Alexis Treat Enfield (b. 11 Apr 2003, York, PA)


          b. Katherine (Kate) Schwarz (b. October 9, 1894, Baltimore, MD; d. December

              16, 1997, Boynton Beach, FL) on June 27, 1917 in the parsonage of Jerusalem

              Lutheran Church, Gardenville, MD m. William Herman (Herm) Koppelman

              (b. October 15, 1893, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Oct 1980, Baltimore Co., MD) The

              second-eldest child of Anna Soeder and John Schwarz, Katherine left school at

              an early age to help care for her many younger siblings. She is remembered by

              many for her calm nature, kindness, ready laugh, needlework, and excellent baked

              goods. Herman, a wholesale produce dealer, built a house for them on a piece of

              land given him by his father, on the home farm off Hamilton Avenue, above

              Philadelphia Road. Katherine is buried with her husband in Parkville Cemetery,

              Parkville, MD. They had three children, Julia, William Herman, and George



               1. Julia (Judy) Charlotte Koppelman (b. June 27, 1918, Baltimore.,

                   Maryland) m. Sidney Wald October 18, 1953, at Epiphany Lutheran Church,

                   Baltimore, MD.


               2. William Herman (Bill) Koppelman, Jr. (b. September 27, 1919,

                   Baltimore, MD)  m. Lelia  (Mattie)  Canapp 1938 (b. August 10, 1919,

                   Baltimore, MD);  divorced; m. Esther Kessler 1946; divorced; m. Margaret

                   Adams Carter (b. ?, TN), December 19, 1981.


               3. George Edward (Ed) Koppelman (b. March 31, 1921, Baltimore, MD; d.

               1990, Baltimore, MD, of asbestosis) m. Margaret Wright 1942 (b. 1924,

               Delaware; d. Nov 2008, Baltimore, MD), daughter of Charles Evans Wright

                and Mary Wiley. Charles Wright was a descendent of Columbia, Lancaster

                Co., PA founder Samuel Wright, who laid out the town in 1788.


          c. William F. Schwarz (b. January 24, 1896, Baltimore, MD; d. January 1967,

              Baltimore, MD) m. Grace E. Conklin approx. 1918 (b. October 4, 1896,      

              Baltimore, MD; d. September 10, 1976, Baltimore, MD) William F. Schwarz

              worked as a butcher. Grace Conklin Schwarz worked a cook for the U.S. Army,

              and rose to the rank of Master Sargeant. In 1930, they lived on Woodstock

              Avenue, in the 27th Ward. Because of her army service, she is buried in Baltimore

              National Cemetery. They had three daughters, Grace, Elizabeth, and Elenore:


               1. Grace H. Schwarz (b. approx. 1923, Baltimore, MD) m. William Weitzel


               2. Elizabeth O. Schwarz (b. approx. 1924, Baltimore, MD) m. Otts:


                    a. Arthur Otts


                    b. Keith Otts


               3. Elenore Schwarz


          d. Hannah Marie Schwarz (b. January 7, 1898, Baltimore, MD; d. April 19, 1989,

              Baltimore, MD) m. Frank William Krebs, a builder, approx. 1916 (b. December

              24, 1892, MD; d.January 1964, MD). Their children were:


               1. Frank William Krebs, Jr. (b. July 11, 1918, Baltimore, MD; d. ?) Remained  



               2. Marie Krebs (b. 3 April 1922, Baltimore, MD; d. 5 April 1922, Baltimore,

                   MD) She is buried in the Schwarz plot at Jerusalem Lutheran Church.


               3. Albert Andrew Krebs (b. January 19, 1923, Baltimore, MD; d. October 1,

                  2004, York, PA) m. Betty Brent:


                    a. Albert Andrew Krebs, Jr. m. Susan ? They had two children:


                         1. Kim Krebs


                         2. Albert Andrew Krebs III?


                    b. Joyce Krebs m. Steve?


               4. Margaret Anna Krebs (b. approx. 1924, Baltimore, MD)


               5. Grason Irvin Krebs (b. approx. 1929, Baltimore, MD) m. Leona Redeman.

                   The Krebs have been active, life-long members of Jerusalem Evangelical                   

                   Lutheran  Church. Their children are:


                    a. Susan Leona Krebs m. John Gallagher:


                         1. Brian Gallagher


                    b. Jean Marie Krebs m. Philip Eisenaur


          e. Frederick Charles Schwarz (b. September 5, 1899, Baltimore, MD; d.

              February 1976, Broad Run, VA) Fred became a plumber. He married Mary M.

              Davis (b. November 28, 1898, Baltimore, MD; d. January 1970, Baltimore, MD)   

              in 1916. In 1930, they lived on Ford Avenue, near Brehms Lane. They had three

              children were, Charles, Melvin, and Lorraine:


              1. Charles F. (Buck) Schwarz (b. February 24, 1923, Baltimore, MD; d. July 1,

                  1997, Broad Run, Virginia) m. Helen Kidwell


              2. Melvin Schwarz (b. after 1930?) Melvin Schwarz was a champion pole-

                  vaulter who served in the Marine Corps.


              3. Lorraine Schwarz (b. abt. 1928; d. 21 Dec1935, Baltimore, MD) She died at

                  the age of 6-1/2 years, and is buried in the Schwarz plot at Jerusalem Lutheran



          f. Albert Schwarz (b. November 14, 1901, Baltimore, MD; d. May 1987, Baltimore,

          MD) m. Catherine Malthau (b. approx. 1903, MD; d.?) Albert became a butcher.

          Catherine had two children from a previous marriage:


               1.Margaret Malthau (b. approx. 1924, Maryland) m.

               2.Charles Malthau (b. approx. 1926, Maryland)


          The 1930 census lists one additional son:


               3. Albert Schwarz, Jr.  (b. November 1929, Baltimore, MD)


          g. George J. (Jock) Schwarz (b. approx. 1902, Baltimore, MD; d. December 19,

              1962, Baltimore, MD) m. Catharine Stecker or Stücker  (b. approx. 1906, MD;

              d. July 23, 1965) approx. 1925. She was the beautiful sister of Louis Stecker,

              who married Elizabeth (Dolly) Schwarz. In the 1920s and 1930s, George

              worked as a produce dealer, and as a chauffeur. He eventually became a

              successful plumber, president of the plumbing firm W. H. Williams Corp. He

              served as president of the Associated Plumbing Contractors of Maryland in 1954,

              and was a Mason. Catherine and George Schwarz are buried in Parkwood

              Cemetery, Parkville, MD. They had two sons, George and William:


               1. George J. Schwarz, Jr.  (b. March 17, 1926, Baltimore, MD; d. August 22,

                  1994), a chemical engineer, m. Virginia  (Ginger) M. (b. December 28, 1929,

                  Pittsburgh, PA; d. February 28, 2005, Oxnard, CA)  Ginger M. Schwarz was a

                  graduate of Ohio Weslyan College. Her ashes were scattered over the Pacific

                  Ocean in lieu of burial. They had three children, Cynthia, Kurt, and George:


                    a. Cynthia Louise Schwarz (b. January 21, 1954) m. Allen Lee Hall (b.

                        January 12, 1944) They have six children, including two from Allen’s first



                         1. Lisa Hall (b. February 1, 1965)


                         2. Christina Hall (b. April 16, 1971)


                         3. Allen Lee Hall, Jr. (b. August 19, 1977)


                         4. Joseph Anthony Hall (b. June 2, 1980)


                         5. James Louis Hall (b. March 14, 1982)


                         6. Katherine Anna Hall (b. July 28, 1990)


                    b. George J. Schwarz, III (b. March 10, 1956) m. Marilyn St. Pierre

                        George holds the rank of Master Chief in the U.S. Coast Guard and

                        commands a coast guard cutter in Washington State.


                    c. Kurt W. Schwarz (b. May 4, 1957) m. Bonnie Cannatelli. They have     

                        three children:


                         1. Sarah Marie Schwarz (b. September 14, 1978)


                         2. Heidi Mae Schwarz (b. July 19, 1981)


                         3. Kurt W. Schwarz, Jr. (b. August 20, 1983)


               2. William (Billie) Schwarz m. Edith Schraeder. They had four children—two

                   pairs of twins:


                    a. Karen Schwarz


                    b. Sharon Schwarz


                    c. Billy Schwarz


                    d. John Schwarz


          h. Elizabeth (Dolly) Schwarz (b. December 13, 1904, Baltimore, MD; d. April

             1978, Baltimore, MD) m. Louis J. Stecker or Stücker. After their divorce,

             Dolly Schwarz Stecker supported herself and her two sons with a job at the Levi

             Greif Co., a clothing manufacturer in Baltimore:


               1. William Stecker


               2. Louis G. Stecker, Jr. (b. 1929, Baltimore, MD)


          i.  Gertrude Anna (Toots) Schwarz (b. January 12, 1907, Baltimore, MD; d.

              February 5, 1988, Gaithersberg, MD) m. George M. Momberger (b. April 27,

              1907, Baltimore, MD?; d. August 26, 1958, MD) Outgoing and vivacious, Toots,

               as she was called, worked for many years for the Reed Pharmaceutical

              Company in Baltimore. She was an avid reader and skilled needlewoman, and a

              long-time volunteer at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Baltimore. They are buried at  

              Jerusalem Lutheran Church, but their graves are unmarked. Their son is:


               1. William G. Momberger (b.?) m. Pat ?


          j. Julia Ella Schwarz (b. December 24, 1909, Baltimore, MD; d. November 1995,

             Baltimore, MD[23]) m. Henry C. Sauter (b. 3 May 1908, MD; d. Nov 1983,

             Baltimore, MD), the son of Belair Road music store owners Carl A. and Elsie

             Sauter. Henry was working as a salesman in his father’s store in 1930. He

             enlisted in the U.S. Army in December 1942. Julia and Henry are buried at

             Jerusalem Lutheran Church. They had one daughter:


               1. Dorothy J. Sauter (b. ?, Baltimore, MD) m. 1) ? Smith; 2) Hafley


     4. Wilhelmine Friederike (Minnie) Schwarz (b. September 1872, Baltimore Co.,

         MD; d. September 21, 1949, Baltimore, MD) m. Frederick C. Bauer approx. 1894

         (b. August 1870, Germany ; d.?)  She was the godmother of her niece Minnie F.

         Schwarz. Frederick Bauer emigrated from Germany in 1870 or 1871. He was a

         prosperous florist with a shop on Bellona Avenue, just southwest of Towson. In 1910,

         the family lived on Gittings Avenue, in the 9th District, and was well-off enough to

         keep a servant. Minnie and Frederick had five children. All three sons followed their

         father into the flower-growing and florist business, and in 1930 lived next door to

         each other on Hollin Road, only a block or so away from where they had grown up

         on Gittings Avenue:


          a. William F. Bauer (b. December 1895, Baltimore Co.; d.December 1979,

              Baltimore, MD) m. Edyth C. approx. 1921 (b. approx. 1895, MD; d.?). As of the  

              1930 census, they had one child:


               1. William F. Bauer, Jr. (b. approx. 1924, Baltimore, MD) Served in the U.S.

                   Army during WWII.


          b. Irvin O. Bauer (b. October 1898, Baltimore Co.; d. January 13, 1996, Baltimore,

              MD) m. Minerva approx. 1919 (b. approx. 1898, MD). As of the 1930 census,

              they had two children:


               1. Elma Bauer (b. approx. 1922, MD)


               2. Irvin O. Bauer, Jr. (b. approx 1925, Baltimore, MD) Served in the U.S.

                  Army during WWII.


          c. Harry F. Bauer (b. approx. 1902, Baltimore Co; d. ?) m. Lura approx. 1926 (b.

              approx. 1905, MD). As of the 1930 census, they had one child:


               1. Harry F. Bauer, Jr. (b. approx. 1928, Baltimore, MD)


          d. Margaret Bauer (b. approx. 1904, Baltimore Co.; d.?) m. Lemmon or Lehman?


          e. Thelma C. Bauer (b. approx. 1907, Baltimore Co., d.?)



George F. Soeder (b. February 13 1840, Franzenheim, Germany; d. May 20, 1927, Baltimore, MD [Baltimore Dept. of Health death certificate E-22452]) m. Anna Catherine Hermann 1865 (b. November 29, 1841, Rhein Pfalz, Germany; d. September 14, 1927, Baltimore, MD). They are buried in unmarked graves in Western Cemetery, Baltimore. Franzenheim is a village near Trier on the Mosel River, in southwest Germany, close to the Luxembourg border and the Saar mining region.  George Soeder had two sisters: Magdalena Soeder Bielfeldt, and Dorothea Soeder.


George and Catherine Soeder emigrated to America in 1853 or 1854, which would have made them 13 and 14 years-old at the time of their voyages. Family lore has it that they came over on the same ship, but didn’t know it until they met years later. A possible matching immigration record is the August 23, 1853 passenger list of the Aeolus from Bremen to Baltimore. This list includes a family led by a Bergmann--a miner--and his wife named Bernhard Söder (b. approx. 1818, Solingen) and Maria Söder (b. approx. 1820, Solingen). One daughter, Magdalena, was born in Solingen—possibly a town near Dusseldorf in the Ruhr region—while the others: Georg, age 13; Ludewig, age 10; Philippine, age 9; and Dorothea, age 2, were born in Limmersdorf, several hundred miles east, near the mountains and mines of what is now northeastern Bavaria. Did miners looking for work migrate so far? Another problem: this family gave Ohio as their final destination. And if this actually is George F. Soeder’s family, why did he give his place of origin as Franzenheim, over one hundred miles south of Solingen?


A Magdalena Soeder Bealefeld, born June 1843, with parents Barney and Marie Soeder, may be the Magdalena Söder above. If this is the Lena Bealfelt (b. approx. 1840), who is found in the 1880 census of Mt. Winans (southwest Baltimore), married to the blacksmith Frederick Bealfelt (b. approx. 1805, Hannover, Germany), then yet another problem of historical geography arises: she gave her and her mother’s place of origin as Hessen-Cassel, and her father’s as Hannover.


In 1870, Bernhard “Sater” appears in the 3rd District, with Randsallstown as his post office, market gardening with his wife, Mary, both born in Hesse-Cassel. Next door we find George “Sater” (b. approx. 1841, Hesse-Cassel), occupation laborer, and Catherine “Sater” (b. approx. 1842, Baden), with two-year old son Andrew and a daughter, Lena, born in January of 1870.


In the 1900 census. George gave his occupation as laborer for a contractor.  They lived on Boyd Street, in west Baltimore, and then, in their later years, with their daughter Anna’s family on Sinclair Lane near Loney’s Lane. Catherine Soeder told the 1900 census-taker that she had born seven children, of whom only two survived. Since it is known that Andrew and Anna were the two that lived, one of those that died must have been Lena (b. 1870). Two other names and dates appear on the Western Cemetery record of the Soeder plot: Adam Souder, December 26, 1884; and George Souder, January 3, 1885. Could these be two of the other children who died? No death certificates have been found. The three identified children were:


     1. Andrew Soeder (b. May 1, 1868, Baltimore, MD; d. October 19, 1964, Glen Burnie,

         Anne Arundel Co., MD[24]). Andrew Soeder became a butcher. He was a fan of

         cockfighting and the Baltimore Orioles. He married his wife Ella L. Cortes (b.

         October 1870, PA; d. 1953, MD), approx. 1890. In 1900, they lived at 2556 W.

         Baltimore Street, in Baltimore city’s 19th Ward, in west Baltimore. By 1910, they had

         moved to N. Monroe Street. After his legs were amputated due to diabetes, he was

         confined to a wheelchair. He lived the rest of his life with his daughter Irma in Glen

         Burnie Park, Baltimore County. Andrew and Ella Soeder are buried in Loudon Park

         Cemetery, Baltimore, MD. Their children were:


          a.  MarieA. Soeder (b. March 5, 1892, Baltimore, MD; d. February 1974,

              Baltimore, MD[25]) m. Charles Eugene Milbourne (b. August 22, 1885, Juniata,

              PA[26]; d.1950, Baltimore, MD) approx. 1916. Charles Milbourne managed a

              motion picture theater, the Capital Theater at Baltimore and Gilmore Streets, for

              the Rome Theater Corp[27]. In 1920, they lived on Edmondson Ave., in the 16th

              Ward. In 1930, they had moved to Mulberry Street, in the 20th Ward. They are

              buried in Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, MD. Charles and Marie had two



               1. Charles Eugene Milbourne, Jr. (b. May 29, 1918, Baltimore, MD; d. July

                   30, 2004, Baltimore, MD[28])


               2. Stanley Andrew Milbourne (b. 22 May 1920, Baltimore, MD[29]; d. 17 March

                  2007, Longwood, Seminole Co., FL) m. Doris W. (b. 23 Oct 1931); He and his

                  family moved to central Florida in 1962, where he was employed by Martin

                  Marietta for 35 years. He is buried in Highland Memory Gardens, Apopka,

                  Florida. Stanley and Doris had two children, Connie and Stanley[30]:


                    a. Stanley A. (Lee) Milbourne, Jr. (b. 8 Nov 1959, MD)


                    b. Constance C. Milbourne (b. 21 Nov 1961, MD) She graduated from

                        Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, Florida in 1979; earned a

                        B.A. in journalism from the University of Central Florida in 1984; a

                        Master’s Degree in Communications from UCF in 1986; and a Ph.D in

                        Communications from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 1992.

                        After a career in advertising and marketing, in 2000 she joined the faculty

                        of Indiana University Northwest School of Business and Economics in

                        Gary, Indiana.


          b. Ella B. Soeder (b. September 1893, Baltimore, MD; d. ?) m. possibly

              Carl/Charles Earnest Rauck approx. 1929 (b. July 14. 1899, MD; d. July 14,

              1986, Rossville, Baltimore Co., MD) Family history records the husband’s

              surname as Rau, but no such individual has been located. An Ella Rauck, b.

              approx. 1893, married just one year or less to a Carl Rauck, appears in the 1930

              census.[31] He was employed as a street car conductor. In 1930, they lived at 6317

              Belair Road, near Glenmore Avenue. Carl was the son of a dyer, Albert Rauck

              (b. October 1861, CA) and Lena Ernestine Rauck (b. January 1868, Germany;

              immigrated 1884)[32]


          c. Adele C. Soeder (b. August 1895, Baltmore, MD; d. 1988, MD) m. Elmer

              Phillips  (b. approx. 1886). Elmer Phillips was listed as a “mariner” on a ship in

              1930; it is not clear whether he was in the U.S. Navy or the merchant marine.

              Adele is buried with her parents and sisters Irma and Vera in Loudon Park

              Cemetery, Baltimore, MD.


          d. Irma K. Soeder (b. September 1897, Baltmore, MD; d. October 16, 1990, Glen

              Burnie, Anne Arundel Co., MD[33]) Irma worked as a clerk for Fidelity Trust

              Company. She remained single. She is buried with her parents and sisters Adele

              and Vera in Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, MD.


          e. Estella J. Soeder (b. January 2, 1899, Baltimore, MD; d. January 1966, MD[34])

             m. George Elliot Walter (b. October 19, 1894, MD; d. ?) approx. 1921; they had

             no children. In 1930, they lived on Chelsea Terrace in the 15th Ward; Elliot, a

             veteran of World War I, was employed as a clerk in the front office of

             Pennsylvania Railroad.[35] [36] He was the son of Elizabeth (Lida) R. Elliot Walter

             (b. December 1870, MD) and George W. Walter (b. December 1870) Estelle

             and G. Elliot Walter’s place of burial is not known.


          f. Andrew C. Soeder (b. August 10, 1903, Baltimore, MD; d. July 31, 1977, Euclid,

             Cuyahoga Co., Ohio[37]) Andrew went to work as a clerk in an insurance office,

             and by 1930 was an auditor at Fidelity Trust. Eventually he moved to Cleveland

             Ohio, where he became Resident Vice-President of Fidelity & Deposit Company

             of Maryland, a large insurer specializing in bonding on government contracts. He

             married Edna Mae McKee (b. February 6, 1908, Canada; d. September 1980,

             Euclid, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio[38]) sometime after 1930. Edna Mae McKee was the

             daughter of Franklin John McKee (b. October 23, 1863, Ontario, Canada; d.

             bet. 1920 and 1930, Detroit, MI) and Mary S. Turner McKee (b. January 27,

             1874, England; immigrated 1879).[39] In 1914, the McKees immigrated to Detroit,

             where Franklin McKee was employed by a railroad as a yard conductor.[40]  Edna

             Mae McKee became a teacher in the Detroit public schools. She and Andrew C.

             Soeder are buried in Knollwood Cemetery, Mayfield Heights, outside Cleveland,

             Ohio. They may have been member of the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in

             Cleveland. They raised two children, Gordon and Mary Louise[41]:


               1. Gordon A. Soeder m. Linda G.


                    a. Gregory Andrew Soeder m. Katie Kelley 2001. Gregory graduated

                        with a B.S. in finance from Shippensburg University, in Pennsylvania, in

                        1996. He holds an MBA in finance from St. Joseph’s University. Katie

                        Kelley Soeder graduated from Shippensburg University in 1997. They have

                        one daughter:


                         1. Lauren Grace Soeder (b. September 20, 2005, PA)


                    b. Keliann E. Soeder


               2. Mary Louise Soeder m. William Birch; divorced abt. 1981; William Birch

                   remarried Annamarie Pferschi on 13 June 1987, daughter of Julia and John

                   Pferschi. Mary and William had one daughter:


                    a. Christina Mae Birch  (b. 29 Dec 1968, OH) m. 11 Nov 1989 Robert F.

                        Nihart (b. 19 Nov 1962); divorced 2001. Christina had four sons,

                        Anthony, Michael, Craig, and Christopher:


                         1. Anthony Andrew (Allshouse) Nihart (b. 9 Oct 1986, OH) m. on 10

                             July 2005 Melissia Sue Lamb; Melissia is the daughter of Stephanie

                             and John Lamb. Anthony is a member of the Ohio Army National

                             Guard. They have a daughter:


                              a. Julia Renea Nihart (b. 28 July 2007, OH)


                         2. Michael Birch (b. 3 Dec 1987, OH)


                         3. Craig Robert Nihart (b. 2 June 1992, OH)


                         4. Christopher Lee Nihart (b. 8 Nov 1999, OH)


          g. Vera C. Soeder (b. December 6. 1905, Baltimore, MD; d. April 21, 1947,

              Baltimore, MD) m. William T. Lawrence (d. November 22, 1945?) Vera Soeder

              was born at 4 N. Monroe Street, in west Baltimore, and after her husband’s

              death, she returned there and died of cancer at age 41. She was the treasurer and

              secretary of American Rug Cleaning Company[42]. She is buried in Loudon Park

              Cemetery, Baltimore, with her parents and sisters Estelle and Adele. We believe

              Vera and William Lawrence had one son:


               1. William Lawrence


     2. Lena Soeder (b. January 1870; d. before 1900) Place of burial unknown.


     3. Anna Elizabeth Soeder (b. May 15, 1872, Baltimore, MD; d. April 29, 1957,

        Baltimore, MD) m. John Christian Schwarz (b. January 22, 1868, Baltimore Co.,  

        MD; d. May 4, 1916, Baltimore, MD)








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