Descendents of George C. Koppelman

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George Christian Koppelman (b. August 21, 1875; d. September 18, 1952, Baltimore Co., MD), son of John Henry Koppelman m. Margaret A. Buchwald (b. March 24, 1884, Baltimore Co., MD; d. January 20, 1952, Baltimore Co., MD) She may have been related to the Schwarz family via the 1860s marriage of Wilhelmine Schwarz to Michael Buchwald[1]. They are buried in Baltimore Cemetery. Their children were:


     1. George Christian Koppelman, Jr. (b. September 25, 1910; d. October 1972,

     Baltimore Co., Maryland)


     2. Melvin Koppelman (b. January 20, 1924, Baltimore Co.; d. December 2, 2001,

     Shrewsbury, PA) m. Millicent R. Gunn 1962. Melvin Koppelman served as a technical

     sergeant in the Marine Corps during World War II. He was awarded the Distinguished

     Flying Cross and two gold stars for meritorious achievement while a member of a Marine

     bomber squadron in Iwo Jima, Marcus Islands, and Tokyo Bay. After leaving the service, he

     returned to Maryland, where he embarked on a career in wholesale produce distribution. He

     retired from Edward G. Rahil and Son, Jessup, Maryland, in 1994.[2] Melvin and MillicentŐs

     children are:


          a. Pamela Joy Koppelman (m. ? Buchanan)

          b. Mary Jean Koppelman (m. ? Potter)

          c. Millicent Jane Koppelman (m. ? Ruhl)

          d. Gail Patricia Koppelman (m. ? Wertz)

          e. William W. Schuldt








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[2] Source: Obituary, York, Pennsylvania Dispatch, December 4, 2001.