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The Koppelmans are doubly related to the Schaubs. Anna Wilhelmine Schaub (b. July 15, 1868, Baltimore, MD; d. August 26, 1938, Rockaway Beach, MD) m. Gardenville farmer John Harman Koppelman 1884 (b. July 18, 1862, Baltimore Co, MD; d. March 31, 1929, Baltimore, MD). John’s sister Wilhelmine Koppelman (b. September 1, 1872, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 25 June 1940, Baltimore, MD), known as Minnie, married Anna’s brother, Louis Earnest Schaub (b. August 30, 1866, Baltimore, MD; d. June 13, 1961, Baltimore, MD), in 1896. Louis and Anna Schaub were the children of a shoemaker in the city named Louis Schaub. They were apparently closely related to another family of Schaubs who farmed on Franklin Avenue. The farming Schaubs were connected by marriage to the Melchior, Nortrup and Philippi families. The Nortrups had been neighbors of the Koppelmans since at least 1850; the Melchiors since at least 1870. The city Schaubs became related by marriage with Lassahn, Fetsch, Meier, Roemer, and Greif families.


What was the relation between the city Schaubs and the country Schaubs? Seven Schaubs arrived in Baltimore from Rotterdam on the bark Henry Shelton on August 28, 1848. Four were definitely a family: Johan George and Johanetta Schaub and their nine-year-old daughter Catharina and eleven-year-old son Ludwig. There were three others: Jacob Schaub (b. approx.1822), a joiner, another Johan Schaub (b. approx. 1830), and another Ludwig Schaub, a farmer (b. 1829). All were from Prussia. In the 1870 census, an Earnest L. Shoup (a common misspelling of Schaub), born approximately 1829 in Germany, was employed as a laborer on the farm of Daniel Melchior on Franklin Avenue. Meanwhile, the eleven-year-old Louis Schaub (b. approx. 1838) had grown up to become a shoemaker and married Louisa Holzen, also from Prussia. It seems likely that upon arriving in Baltimore, the 20-year-old farmer, Ludwig, had gone to work for Daniel Melchior. By 1880, Earnest L. Schaub had married Daniel’s sister, Amelia Melchior.


Several pieces of evidence support a close relation between the two families. In a 1995 letter to a nephew, Charlotte Koppelman Betz wrote that “my mother’s relatives, the Schaubs, owned considerable property in the neighborhood” of Franklin and Raedecke Avenues during the early 1900s. Before the Koppelman-Schaub marriages, at least one of Louis and Louisa Schaub’s infants was buried in the Melchior family cemetery, as was John G. Schaub.


Anna’s brother Louis E. Schaub came to own almost 50 acres of Melchior land. Daniel and Amelia Melchior’s father, Nathaniel Melchior, deeded Schaub several acres , and Edward Melchior et. al., heirs of Nathaniel, deeded 39 acres to Louis Schaub in 1885 (see History of Land Ownership). Those Schaubs who had intermarried with the Melchior family continued to farm as late as 1900 nearby to Louis E. Schaub and Minnie Koppelman Schaub.


Family of Anna Wilhelmine Schaub


John George Schaub (b. 3 Oct 1802, Prussia; d. July 30, 1877, Baltimore, MD[1] ) m. Johanetta/Johanna (b. 1800, Prussia; d. 1850, Baltimore, MD) In August 1850, the family lived in the 1st Ward, near the harbor, where John was employed as a stevedore. They have not yet been located in the 1860 or 1870 census records. Their final resting place is not known, but according to the records of Jerusalem Lutheran Church, John was originally interred in the Melchior family cemetery on Franklin Avenue.


1) Catharine Schaub (b. approx. 1841, Prussia; d. 1850, Baltimore, MD) Her place of burial is not yet known.


2) Louis Earnest Schaub (b. 4 July 1838, Edingen, Kreis Wetzlar, Prussia; d. August 26, 1902, Baltimore, MD[2]) m. Louisa Holzen (b. December 8, 1843, East Prussia; d. December 4, 1933, Baltimore, MD[3]) Louis Schaub was a poor boot- and shoe-maker. They seemed to have moved often, always near the harbor. In the 1880 census, they were living at 252 S. Castle St., in the 1st Ward; when John Harman Koppelman was courting Anna Schaub in 1883-84, the Schaubs were living on Ann Street. A number of Louis and Louisa’s children died at addresses on E. Pratt Street. An 1890 Baltmore Directory lists him as doing business at 111 S. Bond Street, and Louis Schaub’s death certificate lists his last address as S. Bond Street. All these locations are close to the harbor, one of the city’s poorest and unhealthiest locales during the late 19th century.


During the Civil War, Louis Schaub was drafted into Company K of the 11th Maryland Infantry, and served just three months, from 16 June 1864 to 1 October 1864.[4] This regiment was originally organized for a term of service of just 100 days, under the command of Colonel William T. Landstreet. The regiment fought at the battle of Monocacy, MD, on 9 July 1864, under the command of General Lew Wallace.[5]


After Louis Schaub’s death, Louisa Schaub went to live with her married daughter, Frieda Schaub Maier. Several family members recall that Louisa Schaub lost a hand late in her life. Louis and Louisa are buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery, in east Baltimore[6]. According to Charlotte Koppelman Betz, they had eleven children, of whom only four survived to adulthood. The records of Oak Lawn Cemetery list six children as being buried with their parents at Oak Lawn, which brings the number of children identified to ten: Louis Earnest, Anna Wilhelmine, Marianna Bertha Charlotte (Bertha), Carl Harry, John George, Charlotte (Lottie), George Wilson, Edward Emil, Frederick William (Will), and Friederike (Frieda):


a. Louis Earnest (Louie) Schaub (b. August 30, 1866, Baltimore, MD; d. June 13, 1961, Baltimore, MD) m. Wilhelmine (Minnie) Koppelman on 28 Dec 1896 at Jerusalem Lutheran Church (b. September 1, 1872, Baltimore Co., MD; d. September 9, 1940, Baltimore Co., MD) Minnie was the sister of John Harman, Henry L., and John G. Koppelman Jr. John G. Koppelman, Jr. farmed with Louis Shaub on Franklin Avenue. He may have sold his interest in the farm to John G. Koppelman, because by 1920, he was selling produce from a truck; when he died, his occupation was listed as “grocery clerk.” A 1906 photo, taken on the occasion of Emma Elizabeth Koppelman’s marriage to Walter R. Hedeman, shows a large, man with a broad, smiling face, seated on the steps of a farmhouse surrounded by his wife, relations, and friends such as members of the Fetsch family and the Weist family. “Uncle Louie,” as he was called, died at the home of his daughter, Ethel Schaub Greif, on Frankford Avenue. Louis and Minnie are buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD. They had four daughters:


1) Annie B. Schaub (b. December 2,1897, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 1898, Baltimore

     Co., MD) Buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD.


2) Emma Elizabeth Schaub (b. October 31, 1900, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 24

     June1904, Baltimore Co., MD, of diphtheria) Buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville,



3) Lydia Minnie Schaub (b. May 10, 1907, Baltimore Co., MD; d. February

     1, 1989, Baltimore, MD) m. George Roemer, a farmer (b. April 29, 1901,

     Baltimore Co., MD; d. September 1963, Baltimore, MD)


4) Annie Ethel Schaub (b. December 2, 1909, Baltimore Co., MD; d. July

     1987, Baltimore, MD) m. Albert C. Greif in 1928 (b. November 22, 1907, Baltimore,

     MD; d. November 28, 1994, Baltimore, MD) The 1930 census lists Albert Greif’s

     occupation as enameler in an enamel works. After Anna Ethel's death, Albert married a

     cousin of his wife, Alvena  J. Philippi Marschner (see below).


b. Anna Wilhelmine Schaub (b. July 15, 1868, Baltimore, MD; d.

August 26, 1938, Rockaway Beach, MD, of a heart attack) m. farmer

John Harman Koppelman 1884 (b. July 1862, Baltimore Co., MD;

d. September 27, 1929, Baltimore Co., MD). According to notes found in

the files of Ruth Hedeman, they met at a Jerusalem Church Sunday

School picnic and married six months later. They are buried in Parkwood

Cemetery, Parkwood, MD. Many family members recall fondly Anna’s

kindness, her good nature, her storytelling, and her enjoyment of ice

cream— according to her grandson John Louis Hedeman, when they

stayed at the shore house during the summer, every afternoon she would

send him to buy a pint of vanilla ice cream at the corner market, which

she would sit and eat on the back steps of the cottage.


c. Marianna Bertha Charlotte Schaub (b. May 18, 1872, Baltimore,

MD; d. February 8, 1873, Baltimore, MD) Interred in Oak Lawn

Cemetery with her parents; her grave is unmarked.


d. Carl Harry Schaub (b. October 29, 1873, Baltimore, MD; d. February 24, 1876, Baltimore, MD) Died of meningitis. Originally buried i

in the Melchior family cemetery, he was later interred in Oak Lawn Cemetery with his parents. His grave is unmarked.[7]


e. John George Schaub (b. 15 July 1870, MD; d. October 31, 1879,

Baltimore, MD) Died of scarlet fever. Interred in Oak Lawn Cemetery

with his parents; his grave is unmarked.[8]


f. Charlotte (Lottie) Schaub (b. July 10, 1877, Baltimore, MD; d.

December 28, 1878, Baltimore, MD) Died of diphtheria. Interred in Oak

Lawn Cemetery with her parents; her grave is unmarked. She was

originally buried in the Melchoir family cemetery.[9]


g. George Wilson Schaub (b. November 28, 1879, Baltimore, MD; d. November 13, 1883, Baltimore, MD) Interred in Oak Lawn

Cemetery with his parents; his grave is unmarked.


h. Frederick William (Will) Schaub (b. December 6, 1881,

Baltimore, MD; d. 1976) m. Charlotte Fetsch (b. March 1880, MD; d. ?) Will Schaub made his living as an upholsterer. Charlotte Fetsch Schaub was a seamstress. Their son was:


1) William F. Schaub (b. September 17, 1905, Baltimore, MD; d. ?) m. Olive M. Lassahn (b. March 5, 1904, MD; d. April 1972, Baltimore, MD) William Schaub worked as a surveyor for the city of Baltimore. Olive Lassahn Schaub was closely related to the Lassahn family that has operated a mortuary in Baltimore for many, many years. The Lassahns were longtime members of Jerusalem Lutheran Church. In 1930, Will and Olive lived with her parents, undertaker Henry C. Lassahn (b. abt. 1882, MD) and Marie C. Lassahn (b. abt. 1881, MD), on Belair Road in Fullerton. Henry was one of the two sons of Frederick W. Lassahn,

founder of the Lassahn Funeral Home business that still exists.


i. Edward Emil Schaub (b. April 20, 1884, Baltimore, MD; d. September 7, 1884, Baltimore, MD) Originally buried in Gardenville, possibly on the Melchior farm; now interred at Oak Lawn Cemetery with his parents; his grave is unmarked. He died aged four months and 17 days. The doctor marked the cause of death as “eczema.”[10]


j. Frieda E. Schaub (b. November 16, 1887, Baltimore, MD; d. September 2, 1989, Cockeysville, Baltimore Co., MD) m. John William Daniel Maier approx. 1908 (b. May 26, 1886, Baltimore, MD; d. 1969, MD) William Maier was a dentist and the son of a dentist, John W. D. Maier, Sr. (b. approx. 1858, MD). A 1912 Baltimore directory lists a John Maier as a dentist with an office at 1206 E. Baltimore St.


He in turn was the son of a prominent Baltimore minister from Germany, the Rev. Ludwig Donell/Daniel Maier (b. 25 Jan 1824, Germany; d. 10 Nov 1882, Baltimore, MD; buried Baltimore Cemetery), pastor for many years of St. Matthew’s Ev. Lutheran Church and a good friend of Jerusalem Lutheran’s Rev. C.G.W. Sigelen. The two had been classmates at the Basel Missionary Seminary in Basel, Switzerland. Rev. Maier’s funeral was held at Jerusalem Lutheran, and is recorded in the church’s records.


In 1920, Frieda and John lived at 728 Patterson Park Ave., Baltimore. Frieda’s mother lived with them. In 1942, when William registered for the “Old’ Man’s Draft,” he said they lived on E. North Avenue, and that he was unemployed. William and Frieda are buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery, in Baltimore. William and Frieda had four daughters:


1) Marie L. Maier (b. 1908, MD; d. 1953, MD) She is buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery with her parents.


2) Catherine Maier (b. approx. 1916, MD; d. ?)


3) Marguerita Maier (b. approx. 1918, MD; d. ?) m. Morris J. Lake b. approx. 1915)


4) Frieda T. Maier (b. approx. 1925, MD; d. ?)




Family of Earnest L. Schaub



Ernst Ludwig (Earnest Louis) Schaub (b. approx. 1829, Germany; d. ?, Baltimore Co., Maryland) m. Amelia (Emilie) Alvina Melchior (b. 4 March 1833, Germany; d. 3 Oct 1917, Baltimore Co., MD[11]), daughter of Nathaniel Melchior. The 1900 census records indicate that Amelia immigrated in 1834 and that she was a widow, and lived on a farm, so Earnest Schaub must have died before 1900. The 1867 will of her mother, Johanna Melchior, mentions among her children Emilie Schaub and Daniel Melchior. Amelia Melchior Schaub was originally buried on the family farm; it is not yet known where her remains were moved after the land was sold.



Earnest L. Schaub appears in District 12 of Baltimore County as a farming neighbor of the Koppelmans in the 1870 census, with his named spelled Schoup, a common variant of the name Schaub. He may have been the brother of Louis Schaub, as he came over from Prussia in a family group of seven Schaubs in 1848. In 1870, Schaub worked on a farm owned by his brother-in-law, Daniel Melchior (b. 30 January 1830, Friedrichstal, Germany; d.17 Dec 1907, Baltimore Co., MD[12]). By 1880, these roles were reversed: Earnest was head of household, with Melchior listed as farm hand.


Earnest and Amelia listed six children in the 1880 census. Of these three lived to adulthood--Jeannetta, Johanna (Anna), Louis Ernst--but only one married and had children:


1) Jeannetta (Johanette, Janet) Schaub (b. November 1859, MD; d. 14 July 1918, Baltimore Co., MD) m. Henry Herman Nortrup (b. March 1858, MD; d. 31 Mar 1934, Baltimore, MD), a neighboring farmer whose family had come from Hannover, like the Koppelmans, at least as early as 1850 (Nortrup is the name of a village near Badbergen). Henry’s father, elder relation, Herman Nortrup, had been a witness to Johann Hermann Koppelman’s will in 1870. Jeanetta and Henry are buried at Jersualem Ev. Luth. Church, Baltimore. They had only one child, Anna:


a. Anna Marie (Annie) Nortrup (b. 12 December 1883, Baltimore Co., MD; d. ?) on 8 Apr 1906 at Jerusalem Lutheran Church m. yet another neighboring farmer on Radecke Avenue, Harry Philippi (b. approx. 1873, Germany; d. 17 Aug 1949, Balimore, MD?), son of Nicholas Philippi (b. abt. 1870; d. 23 Feb 1920, Baltimore Co., MD; buried Jerusalem Ev. Luth. Church) and Christine Sinz Gneiss. (Buried at Jerusalem Ev. Luth. Church, Baltimore) The Philippis had immigrated to Baltimore Co. in 1880 or 1882, possibly from Alsace-Lorraine. Harry and Annie had four known children:


1. Harry Philippi (b. 29 July 1908, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Oct 1982, Baltimore, MD[13])


2. Henry J. Philippi (b. abt. 1909, Baltimore, MD; d.?)


3. Elmer H. Philippi (b. 27 Sept 1911, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 18 Jan 1991, Baltimore, MD[14])


4. Alvena Jeanette Philippi (b. 30 Mar 1913, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 23 Feb 2009, Front Royal, VA) m. 1) William J. Marshner (b. abt. 1916; d. Apr 1986?); 2) Albert C. Greif, widower of Anna Ethel Schaub (see above). Alvena was a life-long member of Immanuel Lutheran Church  on Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore. With William Marshner, Alvena had two children, William and Susan:


a. William H. Marschner m. Connie; William and Connie had four children, Pearse, Michael, Caroline, and Cecilia:


1. Pearse R. Marschner (b. abt. 1980?) Pearse Marschner, a 2002 graduate of Christendom College in Virginia, is employed by the U.S. Department of State. He received a 2005-2006 Fulbright Student Fellowship to study in Syria.


2. Michael Marschner


3. Caroline Marschner


4. Cecilia Marschner


b. Susan Marschner m. Daniel Arico; Susan and Daniel had three children, Joseph, Stephen, and Theresa:


1. Joseph Arico


2. Stephen Arico


3. Theresa Arico


2) Johanna Schaub (b. 2 January 1861, Baltimore County, MD; d. 25 June 1940, Baltimore, MD) She remained single. She and her brother, Louis Ernst, continued to farm after their parents' deaths. She is buried in Parkwood Cemetery, Parkville, MD.[15]


3) John George Schaub (b. 22 July 1863, MD; d. 29 Oct, 1885, Baltimore Co., MD)


4) Daniel Schaub (b. 26 Oct 1866, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 7 Oct 1885, Baltimore Co., MD[16])


5) Ludwig (Louis) Ernst Schaub (b. July 27, 1869, MD[17]; d. ?)The 1900 census lists his as working on the farm of his mother, Amelia Schaub.


6) Amelia Henrietta R. Schaub (b. 27 Oct 1872, Baltimore Co., MD; 20 Apr 1942, Baltimore, MD) abt. 1897 m. John C. Volz (b. March 1872, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 1938), a Stemmers Run truck farmer. They are buried at Zion UCC, Stemmers Run, Baltimore, MD. Click on Amelia's name to see their descendents. One of their daughters, Janetta Viola Volz, married Frederick  Koppelman, son of Anna Wilhelmine Schaub (see above) and John Harman Koppelman.




















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